Update: UltraMixer 5.0.3 RC 8 Is Available for Download

UM5 RC8 Release

In this update, you get a charged a custom skin for the very small size of the netbook. We have also made adjustments to the Midi mapping of Reloops Terminal 4 and the Denon MC6000. A new sample library is ready for action. We hope you enjoy testing UltraMixer 5.

Download your UltraMixer 5 RC 8 at the following links.

Windows_logo                                             apple-logo-black

-Windows-                                                       -Mac-


Summary of all recent changes in UltraMixer 5.0.3 RC8

  • New: skin-design for small resolutions (1024×600, netbook)
  • New: Reloop Terminal Mix 4: Supporting the filter regulator,
  • Updated: Adjusting the MIDI mapping “Denon MC6000 MK2 (Preview)
  • changed: in the waitlist in the BPM column instead of two only show one decimal place
  • Fixed rare frequency tone by loading a track in the player or players Prelisten
  • Fixed: Fading time knob disappears after the first use
  • Fixed: New Sample Bank “UltraMixer FX 1” for Special Effects
  • Fixed MIDI widget displays “No MIDI device available” even if a MIDI controller is used
  • Fixed: Slideshow depends in rare cases of broken images
  • Fixed: Show during the sorting of groups progress dialog
  • Fixed: Sorting sometimes not correct to BPM
  • Fixed MIDI settings are sometimes not displayed