UltraMixer 6

All new features in the latest version

UltraMixer 6

All new features in the overview

Wedding DJs and mobile entertainers worldwide know and love UltraMixer. For over 10 years now  UltraMixer is developing DJ software for the pro domain. The DJ and entertainment software is more flexible and easy to use than any other on the market. No matter if moderation, visual entertainment, karaoke or live stream via webcam feed, UltraMixer provides you with a multitude of useful tools. Version 6 will be the most extensive version yet on your laptop. You are party/wedding DJ, mobile entertainer, moderator or dance instructor? Than UltraMixer is the software that completes your performance. Many features will support you in the different areas.

Djs will be happy about the brand-new 4-Deck-Mode. It allows you to prepare 4 tracks at a time and to play them back beat synced. Use the additional 2 decks for remixing your music or as a continuous loop on a certain beat.

Distribute your music across multiple rooms, or control your UltraMixer with the remote app via your smartphone. Mobile Djs and entertainer can play back personalized polished visualizations precisely timed via the brand-new video sampler.  Be it „happy birthday“ or mini game or wedding atmosphere, choose your visualization and display it on your projection screen matching the occasion.

Moderators get information about the artists directly via the in build moderation support. All features combined distinguish UltraMixer 6 from conventional DJ software because it does not only support you during mixing but throughout the entirety of the entertainment process.

4 player mode

4 deck performance for your UltraMixer

UltraMixer now has four virtual players (“decks”). The players can be operated in different modes or views. The different views can be quickly switched through in the lower task bar. To better plan your sets, each player receives an associated playlist. So you always keep the overview of 4 titles and playlists at the same time.

Video Sampler

Video Jingle Player for UltraMixer

The new UltraMixer Video Sampler allows you to play short clips at the press of a button.

Equipped  with 16 supplied high quality video jingles and over 20 transition effects you push your DJ event to the next level! The video sampler supports all common video fromats (MPEG, MP4 ASP DivX/Xvid, WMV). Embedded in its own wiget you can freely position it within the user interface.

At the simple press of a button you can play back all video clips and wow your audiance. UltraMixer provides 16 clips out of the box which you can replace with your own.

Use the video sampler for business presentations, as VJ, in clubs or for dance and sport events.

Visual Sampler

Sampler for visualizations

The visual module allows you to fire all your visuals at the touch of a button. Stylish animations and laser animations allow you to visually accompany your DJ show even without music videos. Since all effects are transparent, they can also be placed over a slideshow.

Another new option is to run two different visualizations on two monitors. To facilitate the operation, a new “visuals” widget has been added. UltraMixer 6 now gives you over 50 visual effects free of charge. Most midi controllers have performance pads adapted for UltraMixer. You can easily play the various audio and video jingles directly from your controller.

New Video Engine

Optimized video engine for UltraMixer 6

One highlight of UltraMixer  is the further-developed video engine, which sports improved playback performance , even for high resolution videos. Additionally numerous video formats are supported, like MP4, AVI (DIVX, XVID, MPEG1 und 2, H264, H263, H265), MPEG, FLV, MP3+G (CDG), VOB, FLAC (auch HiRes), WMV and MOV.

You can drag and drop you videos onto one of two players just like you would with MP3 tracks. To control the video output and to view what is playing on the second screen, UltraMixer provides you with two different widgets:

The “Video Mix” wiget displays what is running on your second screen or projection screen. The “Video Preview” widget displays what is shown on the left or right player.

Key Mixing

Play your music in harmonic order

Harmonious Mixing allows seamless transitions between songs and ensures that all the elements of a song, such as voice, melody and bassline fit perfectly together. In UltraMixer 6 you now have the option to sort your songs by keys and to mix them one after the other. UltraMixer reads or adds the information from your ID3 tag.

Download UltraMixer

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New MIDI controller mappings

Custom mappings for UltraMixer 6

UltraMixer 6 includes numerous new MIDI controller mappings. These are now updated weekly and made available on our homepage.

All mappings can be downloaded and integrated easily in your UltraMixer.

Your favourite controller is not included? No problem, simply write an email and we will see what we can do for you.