UltraMixer 6

DJ software for mobile party DJs

Feature – comparison
Pro Entertain
support multiple sound cards
player-waveform (small)
Mix-Waveform (big)
UltraMixer Remote App ( iOS-only )
Master-Volume / Master-Gain
4 player mode
4 playlists mode
2 playlist mode
intelligent groups
additional Widgets (notepad, user logo, covers, …)
video sampler
Web-Radio/ Broadcasting
support of multi channel sound cards
MIDI-support (external controller)
31-Band Master-Equalizer
support of light software (e.g. Madrix)
network mode / multi instance mode
playback of videos and Karaoke-Videos
create slideshows
display image / logo on top of videos (e.g. commercials)
live visuals
Webcam support
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

UltraMixer 6 vs. UltraMixer 5

All new features

Feature – comparison
UltraMixer 5
UltraMixer 6
visual sampler
4 player mode
switchable, intelligent and colored waveform
key recognition
New modern user interface (skin)
video sampler
customized fading widgets (4 player ready)
scalable sampler player (with big buttons)
video mixing
visual sampler
karaoke features
display image / logo via videos (for example, advertising)

Product Description

UltraMixer Home, Basic and Pro Entertain

UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain

UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain is the professional DJ Software for Mac and Windows which enables you to mix music and videos at the same time. UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain gives you the full control over your entire audio, video and image files. The “Auto Sync”-option synchronizes music or music videos automatically and blends automatically (Auto-DJ) while you add more titles, pre-listen songs or add cue points and effects. Use the brand new 4 players to react even faster to music requests. Integrate a slide-show very fast with unique blendings and support them with special live visuals. By the help of the “live text” function you can display short information or texts and put them on top of the shown images and videos. Integrate your audience by the help of the “webcam” feature on the flat screen or a video wall. The remote app for your Iphone will help you to control your UltraMixer like a remote control. You have now the opportunity to leave the DJ Booth for a while. Besides the real time effects (cut-off, resonance, flanger), the integrated 16-channel sampler, the unique 31-band equalizer, the automatic sync function, the smart-looping for remixing and the 8 hot cue-buttons will be more than enough the modern “mobile DJ” for a successful party. “UltraMixer 6” can be controlled by mouse & keyboard or all common MIDI compliant DJ controller. The Pro Entertain version supports more than 80 hardware controller out of the box. Many more are integrated constantly and due to the integrated MIDI mapper tool it is easily possible to create custom MIDI maps.

“UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain” is a full fledged “entertainment solution” for the modern mobile DJ, the “mobile DJ 2.0”.

UltraMixer 6 Basic

“UltraMixer 6 Basic”: A Dj software developed and designed especially for the needs of mobile DJs and entertainers. As the small brother of “UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain” “UltraMixer 6 Basic” provides plenty features from the pro version. Functions like the 16 channel sampler and “4-playlist mode” are just two of them. For those who don´t need MIDI controllers and can work without entertainment features, live visuals, video and karaoke support “UltraMixer 6 Basic” is the version of choice.

The version has all mixing effects, like cut off, resonance and flanger with the powerful database driven file archive and the unique 4-playlist mode. This mode allows you to plan two complete DJ sets in advance. The Auto-DJ function helps to moderate and mixes the playlist automatically. Every title will be mixed automatically (speed and volume controlled). “UltraMixer 6 Basic” plays all common audio formats like MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV and even your iTunes files (MP4/M4A). It‘s the perfect buddy for your event, no matter if it‘s a house or wedding party.

UltraMixer 6 Home

The home version of UltraMixer has all features you need to start in the world of digital DJing. No matter you play music on the next house party or in your party cellar. You can adapt the speed of music with speed controls like a real DJ “by hand” or you sync automatically tracks with the “sync” function and you can create your own DJ-mix. Adding digital effects to improve your transitions. UltraMixer 6 Home brings an additional 6 channel sampler where you can fire sound samples. With the newly added large waveform, you have complete control over your mix. The “auto dj mode” runs UltraMixer, similar to a jukebox, in the background. You can play all common file formats. The organization of your audio files in the database driven file archive is possible also the integration of the itunes playlists. Therefore UltraMixer is the perfect music archive tool.

An upgrade from UltraMixer 6 Home to a higher version like Basic or Pro Entertain is always possible.