UltraMixer 5S is here!

“UltraMixer 5” – Facelift as free update

What is UltraMixer 5S?

UltraMixer 5S – the smart version“ stands for „smart, stable, solid and simple“. It's more than a "Facelift" of "UltraMixer 5" and comes with a hugh performance boost of the whole UltraMixer system and modern 64bit support. And the best - it's free for users of UltraMixer 5!

New Video Engine

New video formats and performance improvements

UltraMixer 5S comes with a brand new video engine that brings you significant performance improvements for high resolution video playback. In addition you will get many new video formats like MP4, AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG1 and 2, H264, H263, H265), MPEG, FLV, MP3 + G (CDG), VOB, FLAC (also HiRes), WMV and MOV.


Powerful Karaoke Player with management function

Especially for wedding and party DJs “UltraMixer 5S” has the new “Karaoke mode” ready to rock. Now you can perform and load karaoke videos and karaoke files in the MP3 + G (CDG) format.

Like any other karaoke software, UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain plays the desired songs and display the lyrics in a separate window. You can adapt the playback to your own needs. Change the volume, speed or even pitch. UltraMixer manages your song collection and plays karaoke songs like a normal player.

If you activate the karaoke mode in the waitlist, the next track and singer will be displayed in the video-output-window (e.g. “Max sings: like a prayer”). You get pretty much everything you need to host the next karaoke party.

Beat-driven live visualizations

Timed visuals for VJs

“UltraMixer 5S” brings you brand new beat-driven live visualizations. Mobile DJs can become VJs too. Transform your event into a multimedia highlight. UltraMixer now synchronizes the animation exactly with the audio output signal.

Modern 64 bit support

More power for your UltraMixer

Groundbreakingly new in “UltraMixer 5S” are the 64 bit versions for Windows and Mac. With 64 bit you are now able to get the full power of modern PCs, Macs and tablets which leads to an performance enhancement of the entire UltraMixer. You can now use and manage incredibly large file archives  – hundreds of  thousands of music files -> no problem for UltraMixer!

New Music Library Manager

Migration kit for your music archive

The new “FileArchive migration kit” makes it very easy to transfer the complete music library (including music) from Windows to Mac or reverse.  Your data will be transferred instantly. Likewise it is now possible to carry your music library to a new computer or to import the archives including music from a friends UltraMixer.

Over 15 new MIDI DJ controller

Weekly update of MIDI mappings for UltraMixer 5

In the new version you will also find a variety of new MIDI controller mappings. We will update our controller section weekly and show them on our website.

Download your favorite mapping for free from our homepage. You can easily integrate them into your UltraMixer.

Your favorite controller is not listed? No problem, just write an email to our support and we will see what we can do for you.

Turbo Boost

Power-Mode for UltraMixer 5

In the Appearance section of the Preferences you will find the new “Turbo Boost” mode for UltraMixer 5S. Activate the button to get a significant performance boost on UltraMixer 5S.

Download UltraMixer 5S for free

Free update download

UltraMixer 5S can be downloaded on the following page.