UltraMixer Mobile DJ 2.0

Entertainment Features

New Video Engine

High Performance Video Playback

One highlight of UltraMixer  is the further-developed video engine, which sports improved playback performance , even for high resolution videos. Additionally numerous video formats are supported, like MP4, AVI (DIVX, XVID, MPEG1 und 2, H264, H263, H265), MPEG, FLV, MP3+G (CDG), VOB, FLAC (auch HiRes), WMV and MOV.

You can drag and drop you videos onto one of two players just like you would with MP3 tracks. To control the video output and to view what is playing on the second screen, UltraMixer provides you with two different widgets:

The “Video Mix” wiget displays what is running on your second screen or projection screen. The “Video Preview” widget displays what is shown on the left or right player.

Video Sampler

Video Jingle Player for UltraMixer

The new UltraMixer Video Sampler allows you to play short clips at the press of a button.

Equipped  with 16 supplied high quality video jingles and over 20 transition effects you push your DJ event to the next level! The video sampler supports all common video fromats (MPEG, MP4 ASP DivX/Xvid, WMV). Embedded in its own wiget you can freely position it within the user interface.

At the simple press of a button you can play back all video clips and wow your audiance. UltraMixer provides 16 clips out of the box which you can replace with your own.

Use the video sampler for business presentations, as VJ, in clubs or for dance and sport events.

4-Player Mode

4-Deck Performance for your UltraMixer

UltraMixer now comes equipped with four virtual players (“Decks”). These can be used in different modes and views. The different views can be switched lightning fast via the task bar at the bottom. To plan your sets and evening events even better each player gets its own playlist. Thus you easily keep track  of 4 music tracks and playlists simultaneously.

Live Text

Create short Text Messages

This features allows you to send short text messages from UtraMixer to a projector or computer screen.

Sending prearranged text messages like “Happy Birthday”, “Opending Dance in 10 Minutes” or “Happy Hour” to a projector or flatscreen is easy as pie. The text perfectly overlays the shown picture or video in the background.

You can configure your textfield and alter the position, size and color of the text in the menu.


Select from over 40 effects

The UltraMixer live visualization allows you to add custom “Visuals” to existing music titles, videos or background pictures. Integrate visual effects and transitions as well as your own advertising graphics. In UltraMixer you have free access to 48 visual effects.

Karaoke Mode

Start spontaneous Karaoke Rounds

For wedding and pary DJs “UtraMixer 6 Pro Entertain” includes the new „Karaoke Mode“ which allows loading karaoke videos and files in MP3+G (CDG) format to start your karaoke party.

As is common in karaoke software, “UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain” plays back the requested songs and simultaneously displays the lyrics to sing along. The playback may also be adjusted to personal preferences. Hence you may alter volume, speed  and even pitch. With UltraMixer you curate your karaoke song collection and play back karaoke songs like on a normal music player. The video output occurs as always via the screen.

If the karaoke mode is activated in the waitlist, the next song title and singer are displayed in the video display (e.g. “Max sings: Der goldene Reiter”). Now absolutely nothing stands in the way of the next karaoke party.


Create your own presentations in UltraMixer

View a Photo Sildeshow, a nice background, or display a logo or image (e.g. menu or flyer).

You can play back a photo slideshow directely for UltraMixer. To this end you can load Photographs and graphics to your PC and display them via projector or other dispaly device as a digital slideshow. Any number of images may be strung together and automatically displayed one at a time. You can customize the transitions with a number of different transition effects or create an infinate loop of images.

You can combine the displayed images with all other UltraMixer effects e.g. Live Text. Presentations in infinite loop mode may for example be used if the event or presentation should run autonomously at an Exhibition booth or bar.

Download UltraMixer

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Livecam Feature

Live Stream of the dance floor

By using the integrated Webcam interface you can send a live feed directly from a connected webcam to UltraMixer and display it via a projector or flatscreen. This allows you to incorporate you audience or to display a live view of the dance floor. Even the broadcast of sport events is now problem due to the integration of network camera functionality. Use your mobile camera, a “gopro” or an external webcam. You can easily remove undesirable backgrounds using the “chroma key effect”.

More than 80 MIDI DJ Controllers integrated

UltraMixer 6 includes numerous new MIDI controller mappings. These are now updated weekly and made available on our homepage.

All mappings can easily be downloaded and integrated in your UltraMixer.

Your favourite controller is not included? No problem, simply write an email and we will see what we can do for you.

Download UltraMixer

Download UltraMixer now free of charge