UltraMixer 5

What is changed since Version 4? All new features at a glance.

Live Visuals

Live-Visuals, Live-Text, Slideshows

You do not have a video or a webcam handy that is playing along the music. Therefore you can use live visuals and “live text” in your video window to have something going on. Those you can find in the video settings on “general”. You can select from thirteen differnet HD visual effects to display in a beamer or a flat screen.

Intelligent graphical Waveform

In UltraMixer 5 you  get a new graphical waveform to recognize decent parts of a song much better. It shows with a color where beats or vocals appear in parts and where silenet parts start. There are three color steps

Red = base

Blue = treble

Green = Mid Range

Furthermore you can see the smalles and the highes sample loudness at one sight.

Remote App for your Smartphone

Get a UltraMixer remote control

A further feature is the Remote-App. You can download it form the Apple App-Store. Now it is possible to control your UltraMixer in a WIFI network with your smartphone. This is handy for urgent needed pauses. You just need to connect your computer and your smartphone  and in settings / MIDI Remote activate the remote control with a password. In the App you just need to select the name of your UltraMixer and provide a password to connect with your UltraMixer instance.

Webcam Feature

incorporate with your audience

Another feature is Webcam support.  There are new possibilities with your UltraMixer through the chroma key effect. Capture your audience and show it on a screen, flat screen or a beamer. Showing the first dance of a wedding couple is a great thing to all guests. In a dancing school you can show the latest dance moves from another perspective or you can display yourself while performing as a DJ. The possibilities are unlimited.

Chroma Key Effect

Remove unwanted backgrounds.

Even the video area of UltraMixer has been improved. A new feature is the so called “Chroma-Key-Effect”, which you can find in teh webcam section in the video preferences. This effect can removed unwanted backgrounds.

For further description Matthias has prepared a small video:

Title as animated video blurb / band

In the video configurtain you will find a new setting “show title info”. Even this is new feature where you can show your audiance a blurb / band with a title and artist in the video window. This does not only save time because nobody needs to ask for title and artist anymore, it does even look cool and is available in three different designs.

Perfect beat exact Mixing

Auto Sync

Beat exact mixing depends very much on the used algorithm. UltraMixer 5 brings you two differnent measurement methods for the beat detection. Select the “Intelligent” measurement for hard titles or music without master beats to blend them seamlessly. Select the “Straight” mode to beat sync over a longer time.


for normal Crossfading in AutoDJ – use Intelligent Mode

for mixing over a longer tim with base driffen music –  use Straight Mode

Configurable Pause in AutoDJ and moderation support

Everything that helps to entertain your audiance even better.

As moderation support feature there is a new widget called “Artist Info“. Here you can fin the artist, which you current play. Therefore you can impress your audiance with your background knowledge and interessting facts.

Dancing schools will love to next feature: The pause function in the Auto-DJ between titles. In Settings → Mixing → Auto-DJ you will find a field “pause between titles”. There you can also enter a number which indicated the pause in seconds between the titles and a Countdown is showing. This is handy and on the other hand you can explain dances and steps in between the mix without pressing the Pause button. So you can concretrate on your audiance and UltraMixer will do the rest.