Video Functions

The following describes UltraMixer Pro Entertain new video possibilities.


The starting points for the video functions are two video widget. They must be enabled at first. In the “Video Mix” widget, the screen can be clicked off (see section). The window can then be placed on a second monitor, beamer or flat screen.

Video Configuration

The video configuration consists of 6 sections. General, wallpaper, slideshow, logo, live text and webcam.


The section general has several options. The crossfader can be changed to a independend (from the audio crossfader) crossfader. Visual effects can be selected and applied, if non video content is played. Furthermore it is possible to display an artist/title blurb while changing a music title.

Performance Optimization

An important part of the general section are elements to optimize the performance. That is why you can even disable blend effect of the graphics  card (use smooth blends) or disable all output besides one (multiple video display). For the video display it is possible to change the frame rate  and to adjust the video decoding buffer. Remember: the slower a computer is, the higher the video buffer and the lower the framerate.


The video display only affects player 1 and player 2. The two other players (player 3 and 4) only play the audio signal.


A wallpaper (background image) can be selected. This will only beeing displayed in case no video, no slideshow and no visual is currently playing.


A folder of pictures can be displayed as a slideshow. The display duration and transition effects can be selected. The slideshow will only be displayed if no video and visual ins are displayed.


A company logo, DJ logo or restaurant logo can be shown on top of the video output image. The logo is always visible.

Live Text

Live announcements can be displayed with formatted text in the live text function. The text can be placed on top, in the middle and at the bottom of the output image. The text is always visible. Furthermore, the font size and font can be set here.


A local USB webcam or a network camera can be shown with the webcam function. The image is always visible when enabled.

Unlock the video window

you can unlock the video window by clicking on the window icon in the lower right corner. UltraMixer automatically pushes the video to the second connected screen.