UltraMixer football Special

16 soccer clips free-of-charge for the UltraMixer 6 Video-Sampler

Right now we deliver 16 soccer clips for your UltraMixer video sampler player. You can download the clips here and import them into your UltraMixer video sampler.


After importing the new samples you can play them back  right away to visually support any football party. In combination with the live text feature you can display the game results directly on screen.


UltraMixer Visual-Sampler provides you with up to 18 countries flags. Celebrate the victory of your team with the respective flag.

And this is how it works:

You can download the sample bank here and integrate it into your UltraMixer. The following instructions show you how to.

Du kannst dir die Sample Bank hier herunterladen und in deinen UltraMixer integrieren. Die folgende Anleitung zeigt dir wie das geht.

  • Start your UltaMixer

  • Select the "Video Sampler" widget

  • click on "Load Sample Bank"

  • Select the downloaded .usbz file and click on "open"

  • Done, the new sample bank is now loaded and can be used


You can restore the previous sample bank with the fuction “reset sample bank”.

Display game results

In combination with the UltraMixer Live-Text feature you can display the game result via the displayed video animation. You can position the game results freely. Thus you can always keep you audience up-to-date.

 In the settings you can customize font family, color and position. Fonts are always displayed in HD. You can write the text here and confirm it with “show text”.