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Software: UltraMixer 6

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.4) for Windows (64bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.4) for Windows (32bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.4) for Mac (64bit)

Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9

Software: UltraMixer Previews (Beta/RC)

UltraMixer 4.1.3 RC3 for Windows

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 4.1.3 RC3 for Mac

Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 4.1.3 RC3 for Linux


UltraMixerRemote 1.2.0 RC1 for Android


Software: UltraMixer 6,5,4,3,2 (old versions)

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.3) for Windows (64bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.3) for Windows (32bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista

UltraMixer 6 (6.2.3) for Mac (64bit)

Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9

UltraMixer 5S (5.2.3) for Windows (64bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 5S (5.2.3) for Windows (32bit)

Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 5.2.3 for Mac (64bit)

Mac OSX 10.13 (high Sierra), 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 5.2.3 for Mac (32bit)

Mac OSX 10.13 (high Sierra), 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 4.1.2 for Windows

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 4.1.2 for Mac

Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 4.1.2 for Linux (beta)

Suse, Ubuntu

UltraMixer 4.1 for Windows

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 4.1 for Mac

Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 4.0.4 for Windows

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 4.0.4 for Mac

Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 3.2.0 for Windows

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer for Mac

Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 2.4.7 RC2 for Windows

Windows 7, Vista, XP

UltraMixer 2.4.7 RC2 for Mac

Mac OSX 10.7, 10.6.8

UltraMixer 2.4.7 RC2 for Linux

Ubuntu, Linux

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16 soccer clips free-of-charge for the UltraMixer 6 Video-Sampler

UltraMixer 6 (Mac and Windows)

User Guides

UltraMixer User Guide (english)


UltraMixer Handbuch (deutsch)


UltraMixer Manuel de l'utilisateur (français)


UltraMixer additional description


UltraMixer 4.0 User Guide English


UltraMixer 4.0 Handbuch Deutsch



UltraMixer Wallpaper

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function description Denon MC3000/ MC6000 and UltraMixer (PDF-Dokument)

Beschreibung: overview function description for MC3000 / MC6000 as PDF-Dokument

function description of Denon DN-HC4500 and UltraMixer

description: overview of the function description of Denon DN-HC4500

function description of Behringer BCD3000

description: overview function description for Behringer BCD3000

function description for Numark Mixdeck Quad

description: overview function descriotion for Numark Mixdeck Quad

Tutorial for UltraMixer MIDI-Mapper (english)

description: Description to create and edit MIDI-Mappings (PDF-document)
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6.1.1 [2018-12-20]

  • [fixed] missing exclamation mark
  • [fixed] UltraMixer 6 Basic skins are not shown sometimes
  • [fixed] widget sizes changes after restart
  • [fixed] sometimes wrong positioning of the video mix widget
  • [fixed] general layout correction
  • [fixed] the waveform does not correspond to the file ins seldom cases
  • [fixed] multiple editing of ID3 Tags

6.0.6 [2018-06-14]

  • [fixed] defective title analysis
  • [fixed] title display improvements in Windows 10
  • [Improved] performance updates and stability improvements
  • [MIDI] updated mapping for DenonDJ MC7000
  • [MIDI] updated mapping Pioneer DJ Wego4
5.2.2 [Noch nicht veröffentlicht]
  • new: [MIDI] MIDI-Mapping Numark Partymix.
  • new: [MIDI] MIDI-Mapping PIONEER DDJ SZ2.
  • new: [MIDI] MIDI-Mapping PIONEER DDJ-SP1.
  • new: [Video] New Visual "Stars".
  • new: [Video] New Visuals.

  • 5.2.0 [2017-11-02]
  • new: [MIDI] Support for the Zomo MC1000.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Denon MCX 8000.
  • new: [Video] New live visuals "stars" and "black hole".
  • changed: [MIDI] Adapted MIDI mapping for the Reloop Mixtour.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Playlists which contain special characters and are saved with UltraMixer, can't be loaded with UltraMixer anymore.

  • 5.1.7 [2017-04-25]
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Player volume is changing when loading a new track and master gain is not 0 dB.

  • 5.1.6 [2017-04-25]
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Rare problem when adding WAV files to FileArchive.

  • 5.1.5 [2017-03-30]
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Denon MCX 7000.

  • 5.1.4 [2017-02-23]
  • new: [FileArchive] Possibility to edit the play counter.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for AmericanAudio VMS 5.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules DJ Control JOGVISION.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules DJ Control Compact.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules DJ Control WAVE.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules P32 DJ.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Reloop MixOn 4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Neon.
  • new: [Skinning] UM Pro now automatically use pro skin if you started UM Basic before.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Jump to row in playlist/ waitlist when clicking on track in display.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Save m3u playlists in platform independent UTF-8 format.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Levels in inputs section are missing.

  • 5.1.3 [2016-04-05]
  • new: [FileArchive] Shortcut to undock and maximize FileArchive: Alt+Space (ESC to close).
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Pioneer MEP-7000 midi controller.
  • new: [MIDI] X-fader slider of Denon MC6000 MK2 controls Master Gain of UltraMixer now.
  • new: [User Interface] Automatically save position and size of ID3 tag dialog.
  • changed: [Other] Memory limit on Mac OSX increased.
  • changed: [User Interface] Small changes in "Add Directory" dialog.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] *.ufa file after export of FileArchive can contains unnecessary files.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Freezing user interface when using function "Clear FileArchive", "Reset Counter", "Import FileArchive" in rare cases.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Normalisation of multiple selected video files doesn't work.
  • fixed: [MIDI] "AutoDJ led" doesn't lighten when using latest firmware update.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Denon HC4500: "Pitchbend + Value" key locks.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Rarely noise when scratching backward.

  • 5.1.2 [2015-12-16]
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Wishlist is showing singer column by mistake.
  • fixed: [Video] Karaoke slide is showing coloured if you change the font color of live text.

  • [2015-12-29]
  • changed: [Other] Hint dialog to inform user that CD playback is not supported in 64bit version yet.

  • 5.1.1 [2015-12-17]
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Crash while loading file with path length > 256 on Mac.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Rare crash when loading special VOB files.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Exported Windows music library can't be imported in mac in rare cases.
  • fixed: [Other] UltraMixer 5S 64bit doesn't start correctly when double clicking UltraMixer licence key file (*.um5key).
  • fixed: [Video] Video does not refresh in rare cases when webcam is visible and video window is undocked.

  • 5.1.0 [2015-12-02]
  • new: [FileArchive] Function to import and export the whole music library (database + music files).
  • new: [Other] 64bit mac version.
  • new: [Other] 64bit windows version.
  • new: [Video] Beat triggered dynamic live visualisations.
  • new: [Video] New karaoke mode to make karaoke parties.
  • new: [Video] New supported video codecs (e.g. DIVX, ...).
  • changed: [FileArchive] PreviewPlayer doesn't loop anymore.
  • changed: [Video] New video engine for high performance playback of videos.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Crash while loading broken mp3 file.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] FileArchive migration from UltraMixer 4.0.5 to UltraMixer 5 fails.
  • fixed: [Other] ALAC file support in sample player.

  • 5.0.5 [2015-11-24]
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Denon MC4000.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Hercules DjControl Air+.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Hercules DjControl Air.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark 4Trak.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark MixTrack Pro 3.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark Mixdeck Quad.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark NS6.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark NV.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark iDJ Live 2.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Reloop BeatPad 2.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Reloop Beatmix 4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Reloop Terminal Mix 8.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Sampler settings can't be opened when using dutch user interface.

  • 5.0.4 [2015-11-09]
  • new: [MIDI] Crossfader Hamster Switch (inverse).
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Some mp4 files (with missing tags) are not imported correctly.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Denon MC6000 is not recognised fully in conjunction with some drivers.

  • 5.0.3 [2015-10-09]
  • new: [2 Playlists] Intelligent group strips out duplicate tracks now.
  • new: [FileArchive] Option to save played tracks unlimited.
  • new: [FileArchive] Support for meta data of M4V video files.
  • new: [MIDI] Reloop Terminal Mix 4: support for filter knob.
  • new: [Other] Support for Mac OS X 10.11 El Captan.
  • new: [Sampler] New sample bank "TR 808 Drumkit" with awesome drum sounds.
  • new: [Skinning] New skin for small screen devices / resolutions (1024x600, netbook).
  • new: [User Interface] Location independent display of times.
  • new: [Video] Automatic rotation of images in slide show.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog during sorting groups in FileArchive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Tracks which are in FileArchive with different upper and lower cases are only shown one time now.
  • changed: [MIDI] Changes in midi mapping "Denon MC6000 MK2" (pre cueing).
  • changed: [MIDI] MIDI widget shows "No MIDI device connected" even when a MIDI device is used.
  • changed: [Other] Remove old UltraMixer installation on mac before installing new one.
  • changed: [Preferences] Video settings are integrated in UltraMixer's general settings now.
  • changed: [User Interface] Java Runtime 1.8.0_60 for Windows 10 support.
  • changed: [Waitlist] Show only 1 decimal digit instead of 2 in bpm column in waitlist.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Microphone recording distorted in rare cases.
  • fixed: [Auto-DJ] Control of fading time vanishes after first usage.
  • fixed: [Auto-DJ] Freeze in AutoDJ mode when AutoDJ is on, crossfader is moving and you remove all tracks in waitlist.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] ....
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Function "clear played tracks" doesn't refresh user interface in rare cases.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Groups can't be sorted in rare cases.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Rare sound noise when loading a track.
  • fixed: [MIDI] ...
  • fixed: [MIDI] Crossfader doesn't close 100% on player 2 when using fix MIDI mappings (e.g. Denon MC3000).
  • fixed: [MIDI] Fix MIDI mappings can't be used in rare cases.
  • fixed: [MIDI] MIDI Denon MC 6000-MK2: BACK and FWD keys are inverted.
  • fixed: [Other] Text corrections in preferences dialog.
  • fixed: [Other] UltraMixer doesn't quits correctly in rare cases.
  • fixed: [Preferences] MIDI options are not shown sometimes.
  • fixed: [Sampler] New sample bank "UltraMixer FX 1" with special effects.
  • fixed: [Sampler] Sample Volume can't be turn off.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Links in demo dialog after startup doesn't work.
  • fixed: [User Interface] MacOSX 10.11 (El Capitan) version detection reworked.
  • fixed: [User Interface] UltraMixer hangs sometimes on shutdown.
  • fixed: [Video] Slide show doesn't work in rare cases.
  • fixed: [Video] Slide show interrupts in rare cases while loading broken images.
  • fixed: [Wishlist] Sort by bpm sometimes not correct.

  • 5.0.2 [2014-12-17]
  • new: [MIDI] Option to disable the crossfader in MIDI controller.
  • new: [MIDI] Option to disable the jogwheels in MIDI controller.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Option to play track when loading a cue point.
  • new: [Video] Clock display as visual effect.
  • new: [Video] Option to hide cover display in blurb.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Optimized memory management for Quicktime on Windows.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Waveforms causes cpu usage even if no player is running.

  • 5.0.1 [2014-12-05]
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Seek waveform is not visible under seldom circumstances.

  • 5.0.0 [2014-12-03]
  • new: [Waveform] Colored waveform.
  • new: [Waveform] Synced rendering of both waveforms.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Show target (e.g.player) in shortcuts table in preferences.

  • 4.1.3 [Noch nicht veröffentlicht]
  • new: [FileArchive] Intelligent group strips out duplicate tracks now.
  • new: [MIDI] Reloop Terminal Mix 4: support for filter knob.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Tracks which are in FileArchive with different upper and lower cases are only shown one time now.
  • changed: [MIDI] Changes in midi mapping "Denon MC6000 MK2" (pre cueing).
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog during sorting groups in FileArchive.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Sort by bpm sometimes not correct.
  • fixed: [Video] Slide show interrupts in rare cases while loading broken images.

  • 4.1.2 [2014-12-17]
  • changed: [MIDI] Changed MIDI mapping for Denon MC6000-MK2 (better cueing).
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Optimized memory management for Quicktime on Windows.

  • 4.1.1 [2014-11-16]
  • changed: [FileArchive] Intelligent context menus.
  • changed: [MIDI] Changed MIDI mapping for Denon MC6000-MK2 (better cueing).
  • fixed: [2 Playlists] Show target (e.g.player) in shortcuts table in preferences.
  • fixed: [Other] The audio playback stops sometimes in SYNC mode.

  • 4.1 [2014-10-20]
  • new: [AudioEngine] Higher accuracy when scratching.
  • new: [AudioEngine] Optimized support of multi core cpus.
  • new: [AudioEngine] Support of ALAC files (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) on Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.
  • new: [Auto-DJ] Option to reset speed after fading in AutoDJ sync mode.
  • new: [FileArchive] "Save as CSV" include all visible columns now.
  • new: [FileArchive] Confirmation dialog when clearing list of played tracks.
  • new: [FileArchive] Faster display of group tracks if group has no subgroups and "flat view" mode is enabled.
  • new: [FileArchive] Import music from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • new: [FileArchive] Performance boost in FileArchive (especially in big archives with more than 300.000 tracks).
  • new: [FileArchive] Show meta data (artist, title, ...) of MP4 files.
  • new: [MIDI] Create, import and export custom midi maps.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Denon SC2000.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Edge.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro 2.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Quad.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck Express.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck Quad.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Pioneer XDJ-R1.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Digital Jockey.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Jockey 3 ME.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Terminal Mix 4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support multiple MIDI controller at the same time.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of American Audio VMS2.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Denon MC2000.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Denon MC6000 MKII.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Numark N4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Pioneer SSX-DJ.
  • new: [Other] Option to start UltraMixer as demo version for registered users.
  • new: [Preferences] Button to reset location of file archive in options.
  • new: [Preferences] Check if user based location of file archive is writable.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Adjustable pause in CONT mode (continuous play).
  • new: [SoundPlayer] It's possible to scratch into and out of a loop.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] It's possible to set the current position before and after an active loop.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Keep in scratching mode when untouching cogwheel.
  • new: [User Interface] Keystrokes for "spread to waitlist".
  • new: [User Interface] New shortcuts for loop functions.
  • new: [User Interface] Show pause in AutoDJ mode over the play button.
  • new: [Video] Buffered video playback for smooth video playback.
  • new: [Video] Option to adjust fading duration on slide shows.
  • changed: [AudioEngine] Optimized scratching quality & latency.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog when resetting hits.
  • changed: [Other] Reduction of memory usage when loading tracks.
  • changed: [User Interface] All dialogs can be closed now via ESC key.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Memory leak after loading m4a tracks.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Group in FileArchive aren't sorted anymore sometimes after restarting UltraMixer.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Next and previous buttons not invisible in ID3 tag multi edit mode.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Not possible to add new music in rarely cases.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Playlists are not saved sometimes on quitting UltraMixer.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Previous and next buttons should not be visible in multi edit mode in FileArchive.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Sync of itunes playlists fails if no iTunes is installed.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of big groups failes sometimes.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of complete FileArchive sometimes fails.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Wrong sort order of date column in filearchive import dialog.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Loading of play lists is not correct.
  • fixed: [Video] It's not possible to switch transition effects in slide show.
  • fixed: [Video] M4a files are recognised as video files.
  • fixed: [Video] Memory leak in slideshow.
  • fixed: [Video] Slide show function to show images with transition effects.
  • fixed: [Video] Slide show transitions can't be changed.
  • fixed: [Video] Visualisation of current track as band ("MTV mode").
  • fixed: [Video] Visualisations and background images are not shown when m4a files are loaded.
  • fixed: [Wishlist] Remote tracks from WishList by backspace key doesn't work.
  • fixed: [Wishlist] Select in wishlist table jumps if tracks are sorted.
  • fixed: [Wishlist] Tracks in wishlist are removed if you put them via DnD into the wishlist again.

  • 4.0.5 (RC4) [2014-02-07]
  • fixed: [Preferences] Language can't be changed in settings.
  • fixed: [Video] UltraMixer doesn't start if slideshow directory doesn't exists anymore.

  • 4.0.4 [2013-11-27]
  • new: [FileArchive] Playlists are instantly saved and restored even after a system crash.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Update FIleArchive statistic without need to restart.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Show message if UltraMixer Client can't connect to a UltraMixer Server.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] UltraMixer doesn't start if file archive list is sorted by TPM column and UltraMixer is restarted.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Option "this UltraMixer acts as client" is not selected after restart.

  • 4.0.3 [2013-08-20]
  • new: [FileArchive] Column "counter" and group "played tracks" are supported now from "UltraMixer Home" too.
  • new: [FileArchive] Detail search extended by field "version".
  • new: [FileArchive] Intelligent groups are extended by new column "added" (time).
  • new: [FileArchive] New column "added" (time).
  • new: [FileArchive] New options for preview player: "load track on change" and "keep playing on change".
  • new: [FileArchive] Possibility to edit ID3 tags in all tables by pressing ALT+I.
  • new: [FileArchive] Show recently added tracks in FileArchive tree.
  • new: [FileArchive] Sortable wishlist.
  • new: [MIDI] Option to disable crossfader on Denon MC3000 and MC6000.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Multi column sort should be independently from lower/upper case.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Previewplayer continues playing when a new title is selected.
  • changed: [Preferences] Cleaner actions names in keyboard settings.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Menu item "Show in Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" not visible in group "Played Tracks".

  • 4.0.2 [2013-05-03]
  • new: [FileArchive] Automatic scrolling in FileArchive tree when drag'n'drop groups.
  • new: [FileArchive] Seperate view of file path and file name in FileArchive table.
  • new: [Other] Automatic recognition of order number when activating UltraMixer.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Optimized amazon cover search.
  • changed: [User Interface] "Add Tracks": use last used directory in file chooser.
  • fixed: [Other] It's now possible to start multiple instances of full version of UltraMixer at one system.
  • fixed: [Preferences] It's not possible to use multiple sound devices in UltraMixer Basic.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Shortcuts can not be changed in "UltraMixer Basic".
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] CDs can't be played in preview player.
  • fixed: [User Interface] YouTube Downloader doesn't work anymore.

  • 4.0.1 [2013-03-02]
  • new: [AudioEngine] New "all" channel in ASIO mode (output to all channels).
  • new: [Other] Support for multi user licences.
  • new: [Preferences] Function to export and import settings.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] "in-time" looping mode (origin position is restored after looping).
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Option to switch from bpm to mpm in display.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Auto sync function can't be disabled.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Sometimes tracks can't be added to FileArchive.
  • fixed: [Other] Licence sometimes recognized as invalid.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Not possible to set the prefered ASIO device.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Preview of home skin changed.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.

  • 4.0 [2012-12-20]
  • new: [2 Playlists] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • new: [AudioEngine] Automatic talkover (music decreases automatically when speaking into mic).
  • new: [AudioEngine] Mic support (live playback for microphone channel of sound devices).
  • new: [AudioEngine] Mix-Broadcasting to stream your mix into the world (e.g. for web radio), mixlr support.
  • new: [AudioEngine] Support for Line-In channels (e.g. for playback of externer cd player).
  • new: [Auto-DJ] New mode for asynchron fading in AutoDJ (option in settings).
  • new: [FileArchive] Cover search on Amazon.
  • new: [FileArchive] Function to choose next track in id3 tag edit dialog.
  • new: [FileArchive] Function to copy music from archive and playlists to storage devices.
  • new: [FileArchive] New column "composer".
  • new: [FileArchive] New column "last played".
  • new: [FileArchive] Search for composer in detail search dialog.
  • new: [FileArchive] Search, download and play music directly from Youtube.
  • new: [FileArchive] Show covers in FileArchive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Specify search by columns (e.g. "Artist: Madonna Rating: 3-5).
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules Instinct.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Hercules RMX2.
  • new: [Preferences] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • new: [User Interface] Mac: support for retina displays (MacBook Pro Retina / MacBook Air).
  • new: [User Interface] Show playlists in fullscreen mode (hide archive and mixer).
  • changed: [FileArchive] Check for Quicktime and show dialog "QuickTime needed" before searching in YouTube.
  • fixed: [Other] UltraMixer sometimes doesn't start.

  • 3.2.1 [Noch nicht veröffentlicht]
  • new: [FileArchive] Sortable wishlist.
  • fixed: Not possible to set the prefered ASIO device.
  • fixed: Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.
  • fixed: Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.
  • fixed: Tracks in wishlist are removed if you put them via DnD into the wishlist again.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Menu item "Show in Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" not visible in group "Played Tracks".

  • 3.2.0 [2012-08-16]
  • new: [FileArchive] Dialog for easy importing of file archive backups.
  • new: [FileArchive] Read and save replay gain value in id3 tags of OGG and FLAC files.
  • new: [FileArchive] Seek buttons in preview player.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Denon MC-3000.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Vestax VCI-400.
  • new: [Mixer] Fader start function to automatically start and stop player by volume slider.
  • new: [Skinning] Netbook skin for UltraMixer 3 Basic.
  • new: [Skinning] New color schemes "black lists" with completely black list backgrounds.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Bpm tap for manual bpm detection.
  • new: [Widgets] Drag'n'drop tracks from playlist/waitlist/fishlist to notes widget.
  • changed: Higher output when recording or broadcasting.
  • changed: [DB-Importer] Unlimited import of bpm studio archive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Bpm values are stored in format xxx.xx in id3 tag now.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Duplicate search results are filtered now.
  • changed: [FileArchive] New option to block duplicate tracks in group "played tracks".
  • changed: [FileArchive] The hit count is increased now the a track was played - not only loaded like before.
  • changed: [FileArchive] When adding playlists it's possible now to select multiple files and folders.
  • changed: [FileArchive] When exporting a group as m3u playlist the new file is named like the group.
  • changed: [SoundPlayer] Optimized brake and spin up effect (right mouse click on play button).
  • changed: [User Interface] ID3 tag edit dialog is resizable now.
  • fixed: Preview player doesn't open in group "played tracks" when pressing space or enter.
  • fixed: Recording volume 50% instead of 100%.
  • fixed: Structered groups are not always shown correctly.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] ---.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Rarely, unforced crash when loading mp3 files.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] After adding a playlist to the file archive the playlist files are shown but another group is selected.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Filenames with special characters are corrupt after exporting a playlist on Mac.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Function "Analyse Track" stores 999 in replaygain id3 tag field - should not be.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Multiple preview player when switching between paylists and undocked file archive.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Structured group "artist" is not show correctly when artist name contains character '.
  • fixed: [Other] Inversive mark of fullscreen mode in settings menu.
  • fixed: [Other] Update check sometimes doesn't work.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Settings are not saved always when pressing on "Apply" and "Restart".
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Crash while loading a track if the file chooser was opened before.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Can't disable antialiasing in filearchive tree.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop tracks from filearchive into playlists/player doesn't work when cover view is visible.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop tracks from wishlist to waitlist doesn't work.
  • fixed: [User Interface] File dialogs are not shown sometimes on windows xp.

  • 3.1.1 [2011-12-22]
  • fixed: [Other] UltraMixer doesn't start on Mac OS X 10.8 for security reasons (Gatekeeper).

  • 3.1 [2011-12-08]
  • new: [FileArchive] Export groups as csv file.
  • new: [FileArchive] Multi keyword search (e.g. "Michael Billy").
  • new: [FileArchive] Statistik dialog to show number of tracks, groups, ...
  • new: [Preferences] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • new: [Preferences] Copy & paste context menu on field "comments".
  • new: [Sampler] Function to preview samples in sample player.
  • new: [User Interface] Support for undo and redo on textfields.
  • changed: [AudioEngine] Optimized sound.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Optimized recognition of itunes library.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Playlists can be added to filearchive root now.
  • changed: [User Interface] Optimized file chooser.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Volume normalisation function hangs on 100%.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Itunes tracks import dialog doesn't open soemtimes.
  • fixed: [Preferences] "Browse for iTunes location" uses wrong file chooser.
  • fixed: [Sampler] Samples from saves sample banks which contains special characters could not be played.

  • 3.0.4 [2011-10-07]
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Crash when adding or using big file archives because of a memory leak.

  • 3.0.3 [2011-09-16]
  • new: Support for m3u playlists which contains music from network drives.
  • new: [AudioEngine] New function "Analyze tracks" combines old BPM, Waveform and Beat calculations.
  • new: [DB-Importer] Possible to test the BPM Studio import in demo version with up to 100 tracks.
  • new: [DB-Importer] Synchronize groups imported from BPM Studio after import.
  • new: [FileArchive] Automatic database backups and user-friendly re-import after downgrade to a previous version.
  • new: [FileArchive] Mix recordings are shown in file archive tree now.
  • new: [FileArchive] New column "dance style" (is stored in id3 tag and filearchive).
  • new: [FileArchive] New column for listing TPM (meter per minute).
  • new: [FileArchive] New column for listing the meter.
  • new: [FileArchive] Playlists which are added as m3u or from waitlist/wishlit/playlist keeps sort sequence.
  • new: [FileArchive] Removing tracks is not possible with recursive view (folder icon) enabled.
  • new: [FileArchive] Show track count for each structured group in the FileArchive tree.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark DJ2GO.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for DJ controller Synq DMC-2000.
  • new: [MIDI] Synq DMC-2000: it's possible now to control the fading curve.
  • new: [Preferences] New option "use multi column search".
  • new: [Preferences] Option "save last x mixing sessions" allows now unlimited mixing sessions.
  • new: [User Guide] New description of sync modes.
  • new: [User Interface] Drag and drop from groups "played tracks" and "structured" into all playlists.
  • new: [User Interface] Repeat function to repeat a single track (right click on waveform or loop).
  • new: [User Interface] Repeat function to repeat a single track (right click on waveform or loop).
  • changed: [FileArchive] Faster import of big hard disks into FileArchive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Faster listing of groups in file archive.
  • changed: [Frontend] Preview player stays open when exiting archive mode.
  • changed: [MIDI] Jump to current cue point when pressing cue button.
  • changed: [Other] Optimized mid range in 3 band EQ.
  • changed: [Other] When pressing "next" button the currently loaded track is not removed anymore if it's not playing.
  • changed: [Preferences] Separate options to load the first Cue Point and the first Beat while loading a track.
  • changed: [Skinning] Pitch buttons are shown in correct order dependent on pitch slider style.
  • changed: [User Interface] New button "yes all" in confirmation dialog when deleting tracks from hard disk.
  • fixed: Logfile backup is overwritten incorrect.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Player jumps to loop in point on pressing loop button (e.g. "4") if you has scratched before.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Short samples are not played completely.
  • fixed: [DB-Importer] Playlists with space characters in their name are not imported completely from BPM Studio.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] After adding itunes playlists with m4p tracks the structured group "year" can't be opened anymore.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Comment fields contain sometimes internal data from iTunes.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Detail search for years from-to with "and" selected does not return any results.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] First start FileArchive import may create sub-groups in the wrong group.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Genre fields read from MP3 files with ID3 v2.4 tag are displayed as a numbers.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] New recordings are not shown immediatly.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Ordering a table by track numbers like "09/20" does not work as expected.
  • fixed: [Other] Demo tracks are added to playlist on every start up.
  • fixed: [Other] High CPU load when playing tracks from an audio CD.
  • fixed: [Other] MusicChecker does not check video files and files with uppercase file extensions.
  • fixed: [Other] Resonance effect is enabled sometimes even if its on zero position.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Pitch does not always reset when a track is unloaded from the player.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Pitch down button gets stuck sometimes when using small steps of 0.01.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Seldom sound crackle after multiple cueplay.
  • fixed: [User Interface] The icon of the preview player is sometimes not correct.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Mini Waveforms may be drawn wrong when a track is unloaded very fast.

  • [2011-05-03]
  • new: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: move tracks in playlists with sampler button and knob.
  • new: [MIDI] MC6000: seek in preview player.
  • changed: [User Interface] Columns can be resized without limits in all tables.
  • fixed: [Skinning] Netbook skin is not activated automatically on very small screens.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop is broken.

  • [2011-04-29]
  • new: [FileArchive] Field "Version" (Subtitle) can not be used as a table column in the FileArchive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Read feld "Subtitle"/"Version" from ID3 tag from MP3 files.
  • new: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use param1 knob to adjust sampler volume.
  • new: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use param2 knob to adjust volume of preview player.
  • new: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use shift key to control all 16 samples.
  • new: [MIDI] Denon, Hercules, Vestax u.a.: it's possible now to add tracks to playlist/waitlist by midi controller.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] New option "Jump to first cue point / beat on load".
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Setting or changig a Loop causes a refresh in the FileArchive that may be slow.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Wrong entry in mini waveform context menu to delete silence points.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Search field doesn't show input correctly (Mac only).
  • fixed: [Waveform] Pitch shown in the large waveform does not always reset when a player is unloaded.

  • [2011-04-21]
  • new: [MIDI] Optimized scrolling through lists with Hercules midi controller.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Scrolling in Tables with Denon MC6000 not possible.

  • 3.0.2 [2011-04-20]
  • new: [DB-Importer] Import CUE Points while Importing from the BPM Studio Archive.
  • new: [DB-Importer] Import Playlists and Played Songs while importing the BPM Studio Archive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Automatically create Backup Files for the FileArchive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Synchronization of iTunes playlists.
  • new: [MIDI] Automatic detection and selection of MIDI devices when starting UltraMixer.
  • new: [MIDI] Option to switch between external and internal mixer mode when using American Audio VMS4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for EKS Otus and EKS Otus RAW.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Vestax TR1.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Vestax Typhoon.
  • new: [Preferences] Option to define the prefered ASIO device.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Context menu to save, load and delete CUEs and Loops in the Mini-Waveform.
  • new: [User Interface] New function to load itunes playlists in UltraMixer playlist/wailist/wishlist.
  • new: [Waveform] Possibility to pre-calculate the Waveform displays for single tracks or the whole FileArchive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Duration of importing music to file archive reduced by factor 4.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Ignore upper/lower case while ordering the Groups in the FileArchive Tree.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Recursive view of groups (flat view incl. sub folders) accelerated.
  • changed: [FileArchive] UltraMixer needs much less memory when adding hugh music archives, so terratype big archives are no longer a problem.
  • changed: [SoundPlayer] Optimize AutoSync, always synchronize the player later started (independent from Crossfader).
  • changed: [User Interface] Optimized resizing behaviour of table columns.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Crash when using very old PC's (AMD without SSE2).
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Effects does not always affect the monitor channel.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] "Delete FileArchive" sometimes does not delete everything when not in 2-Playlists view.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] CSV Export of Played Tracks, Playlists and FileArchive more flexible and reliable.
  • fixed: [MIDI] EKS XP-10 is not recognized automatically in Mac OS X.
  • fixed: [Other] After openng uky files the second textfield does not contain the path to the key file.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Allow Drag and Drop from FileArchive to Player when Auto-DJ is active.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Drag and Drop from extern will not load the track into the player.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Beatlock/auto sync produces unwandet results with loops smaller than one.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Live waveform sometimes (seldom) displays a few seconds from the previous title.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Mouse scratching in pause mode might start the player.

  • 3.0.1 [2011-01-31]
  • new: [2 Playlists] Adjustable double click behaviour in playlists like in filearchive.
  • new: [AudioEngine] High Stability Audio Engine in DirectX mode (audio playback without drop out even on heavy loaded system).
  • new: [FileArchive] Drag and drop from playlists/waitlist/wishlist in the filearchive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Drag and drop of m3u playlists in UltraMixer.
  • new: [FileArchive] Function to export playlists as CSV file for import and print from Microsoft Excel / Open Office / Apple Numbers.
  • new: [FileArchive] Hierarchical table sort according to Artist, Title and Album.
  • new: [MIDI] Accessing loops with Hercules DJ Console MK4 und Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2.
  • new: [MIDI] Hercules MP3 e2 LED support.
  • new: [MIDI] Support of Hercules DJ Console 4-MX.
  • new: [MIDI] Supporting LEDs of M-Audio xponent.
  • new: [Other] Function for loading and saving of text files in notes widget.
  • new: [Preferences] Option to disable the automatic beatmatching of loops.
  • new: [Preferences] Option to enable automatic Beatmatching of Cue Points (only for MIDI controllers).
  • new: [Preferences] Support of additional languages.
  • new: [Sampler] Drag'n'Drop auf Sampler-SlotButtons.
  • new: [Sampler] Function to change speed of samples in sample player.
  • new: [User Interface] Function to detach the FileArchive as separate window.
  • new: [User Interface] Optimized function to show tracks in Explorer/Finder.
  • new: [User Interface] Save table property "horizontal scroll".
  • new: [User Interface] Volumefader in Previewplayer integrated.
  • new: [Waveform] Hot Cue position should be visualized in the Waveforms in addition to the saved Cue points.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Empty rating (right click) shouldn't be stored as 0 in the ID3 tag.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Speed up function "Delete from hard disc".
  • changed: [MIDI] Full support for controling loops and cue points with Hercules controllers.
  • changed: [MIDI] Optimized behaviour of jogwheels of American DJ VMS4 when pitching.
  • changed: [User Interface] Table footers should display total count and length only (not depending on Auto-DJ).
  • changed: [User Interface] Track count missing in the table footers with only one file loaded.
  • fixed: [2 Playlists] Export playlist/waitlist to M3U file fails when artist/title contains dollar sign.
  • fixed: [2 Playlists] Footer of archive tree in 2-playlist-mode is not accessible.
  • fixed: [2 Playlists] Tracks are removed even if option is disabled.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Master volume is changed in some situations when starting preview player.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] UltraMixer crashs when loading special M4A files.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Volume of players increases sometimes when starting preview player.
  • fixed: [Auto-DJ] AutoSync/Beatlock is sometimes continued, despite the Button was inactivated.
  • fixed: [Auto-DJ] Played tracks shouldn't be removed by Auto-DJ if removing is disabled in preferences.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Adding folders with symbolic links (LNK, sometimes created by accident) fails.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Export of "played tracks" as M3U/ CSV not possible.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] FileArchive's "comments" column in exported CSV file is labeled wrong as "hits" column.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Filter doesn't work in filearchive table after startup.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Gray text does not disappear when switching between search/filter/highlighter.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Itunes synchronisation of groups in filearchive fails.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Played tracks group in filearchive tree can not be colored.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] ReplayGain calculation for whole FileArchive removes ID3 tags (seldom).
  • fixed: [FileArchive] Searching for "+" in "filter" / "highlighter" mode not possible.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] The filearchive groups "unsorted", "filearchive" and "search results" does not change when changing the locale.
  • fixed: [MIDI] American Audio Radius 1000/2000 can not be used.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Behringer BCD 3000 doesn't work well.
  • fixed: [MIDI] Hercules DJ Console MK4 is not recognized automatically on Mac OS X.
  • fixed: [MIDI] The LED lights of the Hercules DJ Console RMX are not working.
  • fixed: [MIDI] The jogwheels of Numark TotalControl function in the wrong direction.
  • fixed: [Other] In specific cases saved cue points become visible after restart only.
  • fixed: [Other] Mp3 format is missing in mix-recording settings.
  • fixed: [Other] Show File Location doesn't work on Mac OS X.
  • fixed: [Preferences] "Talkover" shortcut isn't customizable.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Changing soundcard channel of preview player becomes active after restart only.
  • fixed: [Preferences] Keyboard shortcuts not working after PreviewPlayer was used.
  • fixed: [Preferences] When changing the FileArchive location the folder was not created automatically.
  • fixed: [Sampler] When restarting out-fading sample slot volume is wrong sometimes.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] 0.0 BPM may be displayed for a short time when pressing Play while calculation is running.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] It was not possible to set an own pitch range.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Player could be confused when using Loop and Framesearch the same time.
  • fixed: [User Interface] "Start Player on double click" doesn't work in 2-playlists-mode.
  • fixed: [User Interface] "duration" column is not refresh in playlists when changing option "Show Play Start Time instead of Play Duration"".
  • fixed: [User Interface] Bottom widgets dispappear when switching between playlist and waitlist mode.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Bottom widgets moves down and disappear.
  • fixed: [User Interface] English translation of widget "Notizzettel" (Notes) is missing.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Layout errors (seldom) after hiding the right part (e.g. Waitlist).
  • fixed: [User Interface] Preview Player is opening and closing when double clicking on PP column.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Shorcuts sometimes not usable.
  • fixed: [User Interface] The first two tracks are not loaded automatically when adding new tracks by "+"-button.
  • fixed: [User Interface] Window layout changes when switching between FileArchive and Mixer.
  • fixed: [Waitlist] Double clicking empty Waitlist/Wishlist caused an error.
  • fixed: [Waitlist] Starting with a missing USB device causes a lot of "missing file" messages.
  • fixed: [Widgets] Widget settings open in background.

  • Tools and Apps

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    UltraVideoConverter 1.2.0 Mac


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