UltraMixer 4 Pro

is the professional version of the UltraMixer series, but is not only meant for the professionals.”UltraMixer 4 Pro” contains all the features a modern “Mobile DJ 2.0” needs to do a perfect job. Whether wedding party, corporate event or big party halls, UltraMixer is rocking with you every event. “UltraMixer 4 Pro” gives you full control over your huge amount of digital music. Whether MP3, WMA, WAV or M4A, UltraMixer plays every soundfile. Through the most advanced databased, file archive on the market, UltraMixer 4 allows you lightning fast access to all your music tracks. Create Intelligent Groups / Playlists, add Songs live on two playlists, edit song requests create a “WishList” for your party people or plan whole evenings in advance with the award-winning AutoDJ. “UltraMixer 4 Pro” protects your data automatically, it is able to create backups of your file archive, so you can go back to a saved state of your music archive at any time.

UltraMixer 4 Pro is perfect for advanced DJs who already have experience in the world of digital mixing and do not want to miss any of these useful features. In the Mixing corner you will find real time effects (cutoff, resonance, flanger), the integrated 16-channel sampler, the unique 31-band equalizer, auto sync features, smart looping for remixing and Hot Cue buttons, which is basically everything you need as a mobile dj to remix or blend your tracks live.UltraMixer 4 Pro” can be easily controlled with mouse & keyboard or all popular MIDI DJ controllers. The Professional version of UltraMixer 4 supports more than 50 hardware controllers. More are being added and with the integration of a MIDI mapper, it is also possible to create your own MIDI mappings. Through the graphical waveform and beat matching the semi-automatic or full-automatic synchronization of two music tracks is a breeze. The AGC function (automatic gain control) ensures an auto approximation of the volume of the music track in real time. “UltraMixer 4 Professional” is a comprehensive “entertainment solution” for the modern mobile DJ –  The “mobile DJ 2.0“.

For more Information go to : www.ultramixer.com 

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