UltraMixer 4.1 release / free update


UltraMixer4 Release

Now It’s official, after numerous tests and pre-release versions, you can now download the BRAND NEW UltraMixer 4.1. This Release includes more than 30 new features and many optimizations absolutely free. We add more than 15 new MIDI controller (eg Pioneer DDJ-SX, Denon MC6000-MK2) and our new MIDI Mapper, to create your own midi-mappings. We put a lot of work into our file archiv and audio engine to ensure stability , speed and performance.

A list of the most significant changes can be found here:

What’s new?


Midi Maper 2.0

CapturFiles Kopie 4

One of the biggest innovations is the “Midi Mapper”. In addition to the many new pre-mappings you can now create your own mappings with the help of an XML file for all MIDI controllers .

read more here : https://www.ultramixer.com/index.php?cn=download&sn=stuff

New MIDI mappings

Midi Ultramixer











  • American Audio VMS2.
  • Denon MC2000.
  • MC6000 MKII.
  • Denon SC2000.
  • Numark MixTrack Edge.
  • Numark MixTrack Pro2.
  • Numark MixTrack Quad.
  • Numark Mixdeck Express.
  • Numark Mixdeck Quad.
  • Numark N4.
  • Pioneer SSX-DJ.
  • Pioneer XDJ-R1.
  • Reloop Digital Jockey.
  • Reloop Jockey 3 ME.
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 4.


Adjustable break in AutoDJ (Moderation tool)

pause feat  pause 2 feat

As moderation feature you get a new widget called “Artist Info”. Here you can find a short info about the artist, which is playing at this moment. This little tool helps you out with short facts about the Band or the artist. Impress your audiences with background information and interesting facts.

Particularly an interesting new feature for dance schools: The break-in Auto-DJ between songs. You will find this feature in the “settings” → “Mixing” → “​​Auto DJ” → “pause before next title.” Here you can enter any number which is counted down while the title starts. This is practically for your moderation job, on the other hand, new dances or steps can now be announced in between without disturbing break. You can now focus entirely on your audience or your students and UltraMixer does the rest.


Other new features:

  • Auto-DJ option to reset the tempo after fading in AutoDJ sync mode.
  • The user interface shows AutoDJ break on the play button.
  • New shortcut Buttons: “Loop Functions”, “spreading on Waitlist / playlist”
  • Display metadata (artist, title, …) MP4 files.
  • Import your music directly from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • You will see a safety prompt when clearing the current playing track.
  • Possibility to adjust the transition duration of slideshow transition effects.

What has been improved?


Audio Engine

The audio engine now provides a higher accuracy in scratching, improved support for multi-core processors and support of Alac (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) under Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Furthermore, we optimized the Scratching quality and latency.


We know Mobile DJs have huge amounts of music. For precisely this group we improved the File Archive. The track- loading times were reduced significantly and now offer a lightning fast operation for very large archives with several hundred thousand titles.

Another new feature is the reduction of memory usage in your library. The loading times have been halved. Especially useful on slower systems.


Check out the complete release notes of UltraMixer 4.1 here.

If you have questions about any change at UltraMixer have 4.1 writes us in the comments or directly to our support :  https://www.ultramixer.com/contact.html

We would love to get your feedback!



 Win Download                       Mac Download

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