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As Mobile DJ you not only devote your body and soul to music, but to entertaining as well.  And is there any better way to enhance your live-performance than by music videos or visualization? 

NEW : UltraMixer 5 is here!

UM5 Release Blog

UltraMixer 5 ist die Professionelle DJ Software für Mac und Windows die es euch ermöglicht Musik oder auch Videos ineinander zu mixen. UltraMixer 5 gibt dir die volle Kontrolle über deine gesamten Audio Files, Video oder Bild Dateien. Die „Auto Sync-Funktion“ gleicht die Musik oder auch Musikvideos automatisch an und kümmert sich auf Wunsch auch um die Blenden (Auto-DJ) während du weitere Titel hinzufügen, vorhören oder mit cue punkten und Effekten versehen kannst. Integriere Blitzschnell eine Diashow mit eigenen Blenden und unterlege diese mit Speziellen Live Visuals. Erstelle Mit Hilfe der “LiveText”-Funktion kurze Informationen oder Texte und lege diese über die gezeigten Bilder und Videos. Binde Live dein Publikum mit ein und zeige Sie Dank des „Webcam“ Features auf einem Flatscreen oder einer Leinwand. Mit der Remote Apps kannst du UltraMixer via Fernsteuerung bedienen und so den Arbeitsplatz DJ Pult bequem verlassen. Neben den Echtzeit-Effekten (Cut-Off, Resonanz, Flanger), dem integriertem 16-Kanal-Sampler, dem einzigartigen 31-Band-Equalizer, der automatischen Sync-Funktion, dem Smart-Looping für Remixing und den 8 Hot Cue-Buttons wird auch im Mixing-Bereich alles abgedeckt, was “Mr. Mobile DJ” für einen erfolgreichen Party- Abend benötigt. “UltraMixer 5″ kann bequem mit Maus & Tastatur oder allen gängigen MIDI-DJ-Controllern gesteuert werden. In der Pro Entertain Version werden mehr als 50 Hardware-Controller von Haus aus unterstützt. Weitere werden ständig hinzugefügt und dank der Integration eines MIDI-Mappers ist es zudem möglich, eigene MIDI-Mappings zu erstellen.

UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain” ist eine umfassende “Entertainment-Lösung” für den modernen mobilen DJ, dem “Mobile DJ 2.0″.

UltraMixer 4.1 release / free update


UltraMixer4 Release

Now It’s official, after numerous tests and pre-release versions, you can now download the BRAND NEW UltraMixer 4.1. This Release includes more than 30 new features and many optimizations absolutely free. We add more than 15 new MIDI controller (eg Pioneer DDJ-SX, Denon MC6000-MK2) and our new MIDI Mapper, to create your own midi-mappings. We put a lot of work into our file archiv and audio engine to ensure stability , speed and performance.

A list of the most significant changes can be found here:

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3 Tips from a pro: File archive properly sorted!

Mobile DJ Tips

1. Most importantly, the playlists

Countdown feat _1these days, every DJ is using a laptop but they feel like a double edged sword, providing opportunity and creating new obstacles to creativity at the same time. Have you ever been stuck at a critical moment thinking, what was the name of that song that would be perfect while watching the countdown wind down to zero and then have no choice but to drop a dancefloor killer. In this article I will attempt to provide a few suggestions for music tagging that will help you organize your giant collection into something more navigable.







Mac and Windows users can mange their big music archives via UltraMixer or iTunes. Playlists are set up quickly and smart playlists magically create a list of the most played a

Countdown featnd favorite tracks on the screen. Creating Playlists and intelligent groups will help you getting a full overview about your Mp3 titles. You have also the opportunity to seek the cover automatically through the Internet (especially good for older tracks). Everybody has to decide if he/she wants to sort the titles by style in various playlists, according to BPM, artist or other criteria.

Summary :

  • Create intelligent groups
  • Use the playlist functions
  • Integrate itunes


2. Pack the digital music suitcase

Countdown feat _2Just as important as general playlists are on a particular venue pre-made directories. Digital DJs should scan through their files and create their own playlists for the evening. So this eliminates the hectic to-ings and fro-ings between the general playlists and the file archive, the set gets a certain flow and there is more space for creative mixing. You should have prepared several playlists for the evening, the moment will come and you will need them, even if tons of music wishes, a moderation job or wedding games interrupt your DJ mix. Every party night comes the point where you need to get in the mix. The customer finally booked no Jukebox.


Summary :

  • Create several playlists
  • Prepare your mix

3. Clean up your libary 

Too many DJs confuse their private track collection with their DJ Track collection. Complete albums, EPs, whole or entire collections can be found here multiple times. Various tools for MAC like the Gemini duplicate scanner or the “quick search” functions in Windows can identify such duplicate titles or folders and you will be able to remove them later. Why don’t you dump track form your archive you wouldn’t play again? If you clean up this mess you will make the collection much cleaner, easier to manage and the duplicates do not hinder you when you search for tracks. It is worth to think about such a “clearing action”. You do not even play any of the titles from the top 100 list forever, so clean them up as fast as possible.

Doubts? Simply create a backup of your archive and work with a new temporary one.

Summary :

  • Find and clean duplicates
  • Do not integrate whole albums
  • Clean your top 100 list


 Win Download                                                                 Mac Download

Windows_logo_-_2012                                                                                   apple-logo-black







News: UltraMixer 4.1 Release candidate update



We are pleased to introduce you UltraMixer 4.1 RC 27, the latest release candidate. So far this version is running stable and is ready for live performance.

In the lower part you will find a list with the latest changes.

New full-screen mode

Click on  “full screen window” button to the right side of the Video Mix widget and UltraMixer will search automatically the second screen. Now UltraMixer pushes the video window to the correct screen and outputs the video signal automatically in full-screen mode. You can also do it the usual way by double clicking the video window.



Download UltraMixer 4 RC 27 by clicking the links below.

  Win Download                                                       Mac Download


Summary of recent changes in UltraMixer 4.1 RC27

  • Improvements for Loop mixing
  • Optimizing “live visualizations”
  • New  history of “Played tracks” are now displayed longer
  • New completely reworked fullscreen mode



UltraMixer 4 beta22 available

UltraMixer 4 beta22 is available for download!


UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Windows
UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Mac




  • changed: check for Quicktime and show dialog “QuickTime needed” before searching in YouTube
  • changed: unify mic and input1: use same player and settings
  • changed: low-latency inputs and mic


  • fixed: YouTube downloader downloads wrong video if table is sorted by a specific column
  • fixed: archive order not saved when sorting root group (FileArchive)