In UltraMixer 5.1.3 you will find a brand new “Flag Pack” and the opportunity to show a tv-live stream directly in UltraMixer 5. With the “Flag Pack” you will get more than 18 country flags to display on your screen. With UltraMixer 5.1.4 you will have the possibility to stream EM games directly from UltraMixer (Please pay attention to the licenses and rights).

What do I need?

UltraMixer 5.1.4 RC1
an installed VLC Player (Attention it must match with UltraMixer. If your UltraMixer has 32 bit the VLC also need to have 32 bit. The same thing with 64 bit versions).

How do I set this up?

In the video settings webcam there is a new item called “Use Live Stream”

DJ Software with live TV stream

Now you can enable Live – TV picture in the output window just like any other video source (webcam or network camera). You can position it freely and even apply transparency effects to your UltraMixer live-stream

DJ software with live TV stream

Example URLS for your VLC player  can be found here:

NASA TV HD[email protected]/master.m3u8