The video version of UltraMixer 4 has all the features of “UltraMixer 4 Pro” and offers the Mobile DJ the chance to run audio-visual performances. The specially developed video engine of „UltraMixer 4 Pro Video“ allows you to mix music videos as you are used to with mp3 files. You can do scratching, beat sync or add effects and „Hotcue-points“. The output of the video signal is carried out via externally devices connected with your Laptop. This can be done either with a second monitor, flat screen or beamer. With the live text function, it is possible to type shout outs or information about the event over the shown images or videos. Another entertainment feature in UltraMixer 4 Pro Video is the possibility to display photos and slideshows along with the music. For your own promotion it is also possible to display your own DJ logo on the big screen. You can do video blends with your crossfader or seperately via the built-in “video-crossfader”. UltraMixer 4 Pro Video introduces you the most comprehensive feature set over the entire UltraMixer series.

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