What’s new in UltraMixer 5.0.3

The next minor-upgrade for UltraMixer 5 is now officially been released. More than 40 improvements have been made, since the latest service version of UltraMixer 5. We were able to significantly improve the current stability and speed of the software. All changes, new features can be found in the list below.

Happy Mixing!

New features

new: [2 Playlists] Intelligent group strips out duplicate tracks now.
new: [FileArchive] Option to save played tracks unlimited.
new: [FileArchive] Support for meta data of M4V video files.
new: [MIDI] Reloop Terminal Mix 4: support for filter knob.
new: [Other] Support for Mac OS X 10.11 El Captan.
new: [Sampler] New sample bank “TR 808 Drumkit” with awesome drum sounds.
new: [Skinning] New skin for small screen devices / resolutions (1024×600, netbook).
new: [User Interface] Location independent display of times.
new: [Video] Automatic rotation of images in slide show.


  • changed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog during sorting groups in FileArchive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Tracks which are in FileArchive with different upper and lower cases are only shown one time now.
  • changed: [MIDI] Changes in midi mapping “Denon MC6000 MK2” (pre cueing).
  • changed: [MIDI] MIDI widget shows “No MIDI device connected” even when a MIDI device is used.
  • changed: [Other] Remove old UltraMixer installation on mac before installing new one.
  • changed: [Preferences] Video settings are integrated in UltraMixer’s general settings now.
  • changed: [User Interface] Java Runtime 1.8.0_60 for Windows 10 support.
  • changed: [Waitlist] Show only 1 decimal digit instead of 2 in bpm column in waitlist.


fixed: [AudioEngine] Microphone recording distorted in rare cases.
fixed: [Auto-DJ] Control of fading time vanishes after first usage.
fixed: [Auto-DJ] Freeze in AutoDJ mode when AutoDJ is on, crossfader is moving and you remove all tracks in waitlist.
fixed: [FileArchive] Function “clear played tracks” doesn’t refresh user interface in rare cases.
fixed: [FileArchive] Groups can’t be sorted in rare cases.
fixed: [FileArchive] Rare sound noise when loading a track.
fixed: [MIDI] Crossfader doesn’t close 100% on player 2 when using fix MIDI mappings (e.g. Denon MC3000).
fixed: [MIDI] Fix MIDI mappings can’t be used in rare cases.
fixed: [MIDI] MIDI Denon MC 6000-MK2: BACK and FWD keys are inverted.
fixed: [Other] Text corrections in preferences dialog.
fixed: [Other] UltraMixer doesn’t quits correctly in rare cases.
fixed: [Preferences] MIDI options are not shown sometimes.
fixed: [Sampler] New sample bank “UltraMixer FX 1” with special effects.
fixed: [Sampler] Sample volume can’t be turn off.
fixed: [User Interface] Links in demo dialog after startup doesn’t work.
fixed: [User Interface] MacOSX 10.11 (El Capitan) version detection reworked.
fixed: [User Interface] UltraMixer hangs sometimes on shutdown.
fixed: [Video] Slide show doesn’t work in rare cases.
fixed: [Video] Slide show interrupts in rare cases while loading broken images.
fixed: [Wishlist] Sort by bpm sometimes not correct.

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