The new UltraMixer 6.2.7 version is now available in our download section. After long waiting, a new version is finally coming for you. The long endurance without a new UltraMixer version is due to an internal upgrade of the UltraMixer audio and graphics engine. In order to continue to be future-proof here, we had to make deep interventions. In addition, this major change enabled us to further increase the UltraMixer performance.

The feature “Show comments from the ID3 tag as live text” has been added. Now you can display saved comments in the ID3 tags on a canvas or LCD screen. This new feature will work for all 4 players.

You will also find many important performance updates and bug fixes in this version.


Due to the long conversion and the numerous tests, 2 versions have already been skipped internally. That explains skipped versions from UltraMixer 6.2.4 to UltraMixer 6.2.7

All changes in UltraMixer 6.2.7

[new] Show ID3-Tag comments as live text

[new] Multiple IP support for the remote app

[fixed] Display error when changing from 4-PlayList mode to 2-PlayList mode

[fixed] Image display with minimum resolution wider than minimum

[fixed] Different column sizes in the search field dialog

[fixed] Wrong BMP calculation and display UM6

[fixed] Sorting of the table is ignored in the ID3 tag dialog

[fixed] Slideshow partially without function (Win / Mac)

[fixed] Volume reduction in the talk function is missing

[fixed] Mac Notarization problem (exchange Jdk runtime)

[fixed] The UltraMixer Installer does not warn of an open second instance

[MIDI] Mapping adjustments Numark Mixdeck Express

[MIDI] Mapping adjustments Pioneer DDJ800

[MIDI] Roland DJ-707M controller mapping

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