Wedding tips with UltraMixer 5S Pro Entertain

It is common practice for a bridal pair to meet with DJs before they decide on the DJ for the wedding. This can be in person or with a call. The DJ can convince them with a pleasant and competent attitude. His skills can be seen when he attends to what the pair wants, shows his repertoire and his references.

Disc jockeying at a wedding requires careful planing. The whole event runs on a tight schedule and you as a DJ need to be up to date with all plans. Only then will you be able to create a music mix for every situation, because the necessary and fitting music may change instantly and differ greatly from the previous tracks.

Preliminary talk

disco-15-1530123-1920x1440Furthermore you should prioritize the music the bride and groom wish to hear. As a rule of thump you should never play music that no one likes. The preliminary talk will reveal to you some “do´s and dont´s” and the general idea what music should be used.

You should also keep in mind to check for legal restrictions and the usable space and equipment at the location.

Questions about the hardware, like lighting and electricity distribution, should be answered in advance. If you would have to set up big structures, you and your customers should visit the venue to clear up all uncertainties. Oftentimes imagination and reality differ

Tips in advance

Countdown feat _1With a plan that includes important notes, like name of bride and groom, inauguration of the buffet, etc., you will have the correct information at the proper time. UltraMixer Pro supports you here with the notepad. This widget allows you to always take a look at your notes and moderate, while operating the DJ-Software.

The microphone-section of UltraMixer 5S Pro Entertain automatically decreases the volume of the music while talking. You can directly link up your mike and control it. A moderation from your laptop will work without a hitch.

Furthermore there are important situations that need different music. Some of those are the receipt, the dinner, the dance, the party and possible speeches.

The theme of the music should suit the theme of the wedding. During the receipt fits festive music. Dinner goes well with something that is easy to listen to, while the music for the dance is chosen by bride and groom. During the party a great variety across many genres is essential.

Countdown feat _3It is as important to adjust the music to the situations and to the taste of the bride and room as to adjust it to the wishes of the guests. UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain proves especially useful here with the wishlist. Integrating the tastes of the guests will happen smoothly with the wishlist.


Mobile DJ 2.0 Adding visuals

Countdown feat _4With a beamer or flatscreen you will be able to enhance the the experience. UltraMixer 5S Pro Entertain provides you with a great variety of tools. Starting with a diashow that fits the music. Music videos, presentations, a karaoke party or the insertion of predetermined text blocks is as feasible as the presentation of over 30 different visuals. You can change the settings with a few clicks in the DJ-software. There is no need to run additional programs.