Whether karaoke party, video mixing, live visualizations or a slideshows with photos from the wedding – wedding couples ask the DJ quite often after that kind of stuff. In the future you need to do more and more things at the same time. Besides your moderation job or the music mixing you have to type in announcements or preparing a wedding game. “UltraMixer Pro 4 Video” offers all of these “entertainment features” and support the DJ perfectly. With a few clicks the “Mobile DJ 2.0” is able to show pictures of the event on big screen, announces the opening of the buffet via live text or start spontaneous karaoke rounds.

To use “UltraMixer 4 Pro Video” optimal, we present to you the technical and hardware requirement you will need to rock the crowd. UltraMixer DJ “André Mangold” presented to you his own DJ equipment and shares his own experience with his hardware.

System requirements

For Windows users:

Intel Core 2 Duo or higher / 2GB RAM / sound card

Graphics card Nvidia 8400, ATI 1650 or better

Windows XP or higher

QuickTime 7.7.3 or later

For Mac users:

Mac OS X

 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 or later

For a cool multimedia show and to output the video signal you will need a Beamer (projector) or alternatively, a flat screen TV.

André Mangold, long-term user of UltraMixer presented to us on this subject today its latest technology and hardware setting.

“My current DJ set consists of the MIDI controller” Denon HC 4500, “UltraMixer 4 Pro Video Windows, and a video-hardware installation. My projector of choice is the 2014 Optoma HD131Xe. The DLP projector offers 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD resolution in 16:9 format. Its light output is 2500 lumens, which is entirely adequate. With its 26 db loudness it is of no problem during the sound operation. Connections = 2x HDMI 1x VGA 1x USB Type B 1x video. For mobile use, I recommend a tripod screen of 2.00 mx 2.00 m, but everyone has to decide it for theirselves, depending on the room and the distance from the projector you need a different screensize. I recommend everyone a projection calculation, because that plays a big role in the use of projectors and screens. At the event, i pay attention on the following points

  • stable placement of projector and screen
  • lighting in the room
  • possibility to darken the room
  • wiring of the projector (length of HDMI or VGA cable for HDMI signals there are already wireless solutions)