Intelligent groups the key to more variety or a good theme night!

Intelligent groups are new in UltraMixer 4. An intelligent group (sometimes called “smart group”) is a terrific way to manage information in your music libary.

These groups allow you to define your own selection criteria. After defining your file archive it will be filtered by the selection criteria

and the target music files will be shown in the intelligent group. If there are changes in the file archive the intelligent groups will be refreshed automatically.

The big advantage of an intelligent group over a regular group is that when you add new tracks, that song automatically becomes a member of your UltraMixer intelligent group with no further interaction on your part.

According to which criteria the selection of the title is done, the user can define and combine freely. For example if you plan a 90’s party, you can create a group with the characteristic, year “from to” 1990 – 2000.

UltraMixer now searches your complete file archive for these attributes and sorts the songs automatically. You can now create groups for everything. Discofox evenings or greek night for example. Simply select the appropriate attribute and there you go.

Intelliget groups look different to the user groups they have a group icon. They can easily been edited by double-clicking on the group.

Martin has prepared you a little clip (only in German) to illustrate (see link below).

Happy Mixing!