How to connect a Bluetooth speaker with UltraMixer?

Using Bluetooth Speakers with UltraMixer

Today I’ll explain to you how to connect a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset to your PC and then set the audio out in UltraMixer. For this explanation I’ll use my own speaker, the Bose SoundLink Mini II, but no worries you can adapt this to all other Bluetooth devices.

Connecting Bose SoundLink Mini II to Your Computer

First, your Soundlink Mini II needs to be connected to your computer. In order to find the device in a newly connected PC, you must be in pairing mode. In my case this is accomplished by pressing the Bluetooth sign on the box. For your device this might work differently so you should check the manual.
Once done, we will proceed to the other half, the settings on the laptop / PC.


If your device is not in pairing mode, it will probably not be found in the following steps on the PC

Mac OS

First, I will explain the Mac OS pairing process. To pair the Soundlink Mini II with my Mac I need to go to the settings dialog and from there select “Bluetooth”. On the left-hand side of the dialog you should be able to see if bluetooth is active. Turn on the bluetooth symbol on your Mac.  On the right side of the window you can see all Bluetooth devices in range.

The list slowly gets filled with all Bluetooth devices in my environment. The Soundlink Mini II should also be on display. Connect the device with a click on “Connect”. The Bluetooth speaker is now connected to my PC and I can use it as headphones or speakers. Next, we’ll look at UltraMixer. (You can skip the settings for Windows)

Windows 10

Now the process for a connection under Windows 10. To pair the Soundlink Mini II with my Windows 10 laptop, I have to go to the Windows settings first. Click the Windows Home Button and then on the gear icon on the left side of the window. Now click on “Devices” in the settings dialog. After that, click on the option: “Bluetooth and other devices”. Toggle the Bluetooth switch on to activate the module. After that I click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”. This opens another dialog. After a further click on “Bluetooth”  a search for all Bluetooth devices in my environment starts. After a short time the Soundlink Mini II appears in the list. I select the entry and my laptop connects to the headphones.

Now let´s go to the UltraMixer settings.

Now you have to transfer the appropriate UltraMixer outputs to the Bluetooth device. In today’s example it’s the headphone outputs. By clicking on an “output”, a list of several devices opens. Choose the suitable Bluetooth speaker.

I repeat this process for all desired outputs.
When I’m done I press “Apply” (or “OK”). After restarting UltraMixer, the Soundlink Mini II is set as the speaker output and the bluetooth speaker is used for audio output.

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