UltraMixer Video Sampler

Howto add new Video Samples

You can download or ad new Video Samples for the UltraMixer Video Sampler.  Freely assign up to 16 slots with your own clips and customize Volume, Speed, and Play functions. The following instructions shows you how to add new Clips to your Video Sampler Widget.

  • Start your UltaMixer

  • Select the "Video Sampler" widget

  • click on "Load Sample Bank"

  • Select the downloaded .usbz file and click on "open"

  • Done, the new sample bank is now loaded and can be used


You can restore the previous sample bank with the fuction “reset sample bank”.

Display game results

In combination with the UltraMixer Live-Text feature you can display the game result via the displayed video animation. You can position the game results freely. Thus you can always keep you audience up-to-date.

 In the settings you can customize font family, color and position. Fonts are always displayed in HD. You can write the text here and confirm it with “show text”.

Do you have any questions or requests for changes? Please send  us an email via our  contact form.

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