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Move from BPM Studio to UltraMixer in 5 clicks

Move from BPM Studio to UltraMixer in 5 clicks

BPM Studio is a software for professional and hobby Dj’s developed by the company Alcatech. It’s still favored by a consistent and loyal clientele, but lately users keep waiting for important updates. Meanwhile the software is no longer state-of-the-art. For many users this is a reason to switch to another software. That’s often accompanied by troubles.

Archives consisting of hundred thousand files that grew over the years and underlie a careful ordinance must be moved and sorted again – a huge expenditure of time!

That’s why we added a way to move your file archive from BPM Studio to UltraMixer in a few clicks. Even your folder structure and your smart groups will remain. You’ll find an instruction down below.

Similarities of BPM Studio and UltraMixer

First you might recognize that BPM Studio and UltraMixer look almost the same. This makes it easier to former BPM Studio users to switch to the new software.

We offer three different versions as well: Home, Basic and Pro (Private, Standard and Pro in BPM Studio). Details of each version and the features you’ll find here.

The user interface is constructed similarly. It’s divided into two decks with an inherent playlist and control elements. You have the same features on hand and many more in addition – first of all the ability of UltraMixer to support midi gadgets which is still not possible in BPM Studio.

The archive in BPM Studio is also comparable to UltraMixer’s one. And that’s exactly why you can transfer it 1:1. 

And now we show you how to do this.

Instruction for trouble-free transition

Beforehand: To import your BPM Studio archive into UltraMixer both programs must be installed on the same computer!

1) Start UltraMixer and click on the arrow between “Archive” and “Mixer” in the lower menu bar.

2) Choose “Import” out of the menu.

3) Now there’s another submenu. Click on “Import BPM Studio FileArchive”

4) Thus the Database Importer opens. Under “Choose DJ-Software” BPM Studio has been selected already. Under “Choose BPM-Studio data directory” you can look for your music-archive and choose it.

5) Now you just have to click on Import DataBase to import your archive into UltraMixer.


What gets imported?

  • all titles
  • set cue-points
  • smart groups
  • folder structure

As in BPM Studio only the file paths to the music get copied into UltraMixer, not the music itself! If you relocate single titles UltraMixer won’t be able to play them anymore.

Of course it’s possible to export archives out of UltraMixer at any time. Just click on the arrow between “Archives” and “Mixer” again and choose the requested action under “Export”.

And that’s how to move from BPM Studio to UltraMixer!

More Info here:


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