5 good reasons to get the UltraMixer 5 Pro Upgrade

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Update: UltraMixer 5.0.3 RC 8 Is Available for Download

UM5 RC8 Release

In this update, you get a charged a custom skin for the very small size of the netbook. We have also made adjustments to the Midi mapping of Reloops Terminal 4 and the Denon MC6000. A new sample library is ready for action. We hope you enjoy testing UltraMixer 5.

Download your UltraMixer 5 RC 8 at the following links.

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-Windows-                                                       -Mac-


Summary of all recent changes in UltraMixer 5.0.3 RC8

  • New: skin-design for small resolutions (1024×600, netbook)
  • New: Reloop Terminal Mix 4: Supporting the filter regulator,
  • Updated: Adjusting the MIDI mapping “Denon MC6000 MK2 (Preview)
  • changed: in the waitlist in the BPM column instead of two only show one decimal place
  • Fixed rare frequency tone by loading a track in the player or players Prelisten
  • Fixed: Fading time knob disappears after the first use
  • Fixed: New Sample Bank “UltraMixer FX 1” for Special Effects
  • Fixed MIDI widget displays “No MIDI device available” even if a MIDI controller is used
  • Fixed: Slideshow depends in rare cases of broken images
  • Fixed: Show during the sorting of groups progress dialog
  • Fixed: Sorting sometimes not correct to BPM
  • Fixed MIDI settings are sometimes not displayed




UltraMixer 4 beta22 available

UltraMixer 4 beta22 is available for download!


UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Windows
UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Mac




  • changed: check for Quicktime and show dialog “QuickTime needed” before searching in YouTube
  • changed: unify mic and input1: use same player and settings
  • changed: low-latency inputs and mic


  • fixed: YouTube downloader downloads wrong video if table is sorted by a specific column
  • fixed: archive order not saved when sorting root group (FileArchive)

UltraMixer 3.0.2 available! 30 new features, 10 new MIDI controllers incl. Denon MC6000. Update now for free.

Today we release UltraMixer 3.0.2. Besides many new features, there are ten brand new MIDI controllers supported including DENON DN-MC6000, DENON DN-SC2000 and Hercules DJ4Set. Once UltraMixer has shown an incredible speed when it comes to native integration (no mapping, tight integration) into the DJ Software.

Additionally, the iTunes-Integration has been improved. Now, it is possible to synchronize iTunes-groups und to load up iTunes-playlists directly to UltraMixer. Furthermore the BPM-Studio-Importer has been enhanced, in order to import playlists, cue points and all played songs into UltraMixer. The transition has become even more easy.

We have been working on the overall performance. UltraMixer 3.0.2 imports the entire music archive more than 10 times faster than before and the recursive views have also been drastically enhanced. That makes ultramixing fun 🙂

Version 3.0.2  can be downloaded here: https://www.ultramixer.com/download.html

following changes have also been made in UltraMixer 3.0.2:

  • new: [DB-Importer] Import CUE Points while Importing from the BPM Studio Archive.
  • new: [DB-Importer] Import Playlists and Played Songs while importing the BPM Studio Archive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Automatically create Backup Files for the FileArchive.
  • new: [FileArchive] Synchronization of iTunes playlists.
  • new: [MIDI] Automatic detection and selection of MIDI devices when starting UltraMixer.
  • new: [MIDI] Option to switch between external and internal mixer mode when using American Audio VMS4.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for EKS Otus and EKS Otus RAW.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Vestax TR1.
  • new: [MIDI] Support for Vestax Typhoon.
  • new: [Preferences] Option to define the prefered ASIO device.
  • new: [SoundPlayer] Context menu to save, load and delete CUEs and Loops in the Mini-Waveform.
  • new: [User Interface] New function to load itunes playlists in UltraMixer playlist/wailist/wishlist.
  • new: [Waveform] Possibility to pre-calculate the Waveform displays for single tracks or the whole FileArchive.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Duration of importing music to file archive reduced by factor 4.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Ignore upper/lower case while ordering the Groups in the FileArchive Tree.
  • changed: [FileArchive] Recursive view of groups (flat view incl. sub folders) accelerated.
  • changed: [FileArchive] UltraMixer needs much less memory when adding hugh music archives, so terratype big archives are no longer a problem.
  • changed: [SoundPlayer] Optimize AutoSync, always synchronize the player later started (independent from Crossfader).
  • changed: [User Interface] Optimized resizing behaviour of table columns.
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Crash when using very old PC’s (AMD without SSE2).
  • fixed: [AudioEngine] Effects does not always affect the monitor channel.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] “Delete FileArchive” sometimes does not delete everything when not in 2-Playlists view.
  • fixed: [FileArchive] CSV Export of Played Tracks, Playlists and FileArchive more flexible and reliable.
  • fixed: [MIDI] EKS XP-10 is not recognized automatically in Mac OS X.
  • fixed: [Other] After openng uky files the second textfield does not contain the path to the key file.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Allow Drag and Drop from FileArchive to Player when Auto-DJ is active.
  • fixed: [SoundPlayer] Drag and Drop from extern will not load the track into the player.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Beatlock/auto sync produces unwandet results with loops smaller than one.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Live waveform sometimes (seldom) displays a few seconds from the previous title.
  • fixed: [Waveform] Mouse scratching in pause mode might start the player.

source: version history

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