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Upgrade your UltraMixer to the latest one.

Upgrade your UltraMixer DJ Software to the latest version. Choose between UltraMixer Home, Basic or Pro Entertain. Take advantage of its extended features like 4-Playlist Mode, Video Entertainment, Live Visuals, Karaoke and MIDI-Support. See more here.

Upgrade your UltraMixer.

Upgrade to Home, Basic or Pro Entertain

UltraMixer Professional features

  • 4-Playlist-Mode

    Work with up to 4 playlists at the same time.

  • MIDI support

    UltraMixer 6 can be controlled by mouse & keyboard or all common MIDI-DJ controller. More than 80 controller mappings are directly included in UltraMixer 6 – plugin and play.

  • Multi channel sound card support

    Supports multiple sound cards as well as multi-channel sound cards. All output channels can be individually assigned and occupied as long as the card has sufficient outputs.

  • Live Visual Pack

    UltraMixer brings live visuals in HD quality with 14 effects, to have always a suitable screen. By firing up your images to a flat screen or a beamer.

  • Karaoke Party-Mode

    Powerful karaoke player with singer administration.

  • Video Sampler

    A video jingle player for your UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain.

  • Multimedia Pack

    UltraMixer 6 unifies multiple software in one – an easy to use photo slide show comes along with the live visuals and video playback. Furthermore you can display a beautiful background image, an on-screen logo or your own images (e.g. menu cart or flyers). Finally the live text function (like “buffet is open”) and party games with the live camera function.

  • Remote Support

    Take control of your UltraMixer with the remote control app. You can create transitions, fire samples and move without bounds (WLAN support) across the stage or the room. The App shows comfortably whether the music is still playing or if there is enough music in the waitlist or if it is time to get back from the audience.