New Update UltraMixer 2.3.1

Despite a very intesive test phase of version 2.3 we encountered some minor bugs.
Immediately follows the bug fix release Update 2.3.1!
The Denon DN-HC4500 works on Mac and the “next” button runs flawlessly now.

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UltraMixer 2.3 released!

After extensive developement and testing we proudly present the new UltraMixer 2.3. We optimized the performance and stability of the user interface and the audio engine. So now you work with one of the most stable dj software for daily use you’ll find on the market. The new unique comprehensive support of the Denon DN-HC4500 midi controller enables you to work with UltraMixer without the help of the mouse. Try UltraMixer and Denon and you will get hooked…

Happy Mixing!
The UltraMixer Team


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Multichannel sound cards in DirectX mode

When multi channel sound cards are used with directX instead of ASIO, the sound mode of the windows operating system must be adapted to your available channels to show them correctly in UltraMixer.

To switch it go to “control panel => sounds and audio => speaker settings => advanced” change to your appropriate settings:

sound card has:

2 stereo-channels (4xMono) => Quadraphonic-Speaker

3 stereo-channels (6xMono) => 5.1 Surround Sound-Speaker