How to add Visual Effects in UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain

Don’t have a videoclip but still want to add some visuals to your tune? 😎 Check out the Ultramixer Pro Entertain Widget „Visuals“.

UltraMixer 6 now supports macOS 11 Big Sur

UltraMixer 6.2.8 now supports macOS 11 (Big Sur). You can download the current version here.

NEW: Software Update UltraMixer 6.2.8

The new UltraMixer 6.2.8 version is now available in our download section. In our Christmas version we have put a new feature under the digital tree.

You now have the option of running the displayed live text as scrolling text from left to right.

NEW: Software Update UltraMixer 6.2.7

The new UltraMixer 6.2.7 version is now available in our download section. After a long wait, a new version is finally coming for you. The long endurance without a new UltraMixer version is due to an internal upgrade of the UltraMixer audio and graphics engine

Display the UltraMixer file archive on a second monitor

Did you know that with UltraMixer you can work comfortably with two monitors? You simply unplug the FileArchive and move it to a second monitor. So it is possible to keep an eye on the mixer and the FileArchive at the same time!

UltraMixer Community online again

Our good old UltraMixer forum has been completely redesigned.

A modern Discourse Community Forum awaits you with a ton of new functions and a fresh layout. Of course all old accounts and posts have  moved with them.

How does the UltaMixer Auto DJ work?

You can use UltraMixer as a jukebox in bars or restaurants, to play music in the background. The UltraMixer Auto DJ automatically mixes your playlists.

Video Sampler – Features for Event-DJs

With the Video and Image Sampler you can display video clips and pictures at the press of a button and within seconds.

How to add new Video Samples

You can download or ad new Video Samples for the UltraMixer Video Sampler.  Freely assign up to 16 slots with your own clips and customize Volume, Speed, and Play functions.

What do the yellow exclamation marks mean in UltraMixer?

The yellow exclamation marks on a title in the UltraMixer File Archive show you that this track is set to “read only” on your hard drive.