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UltraMixer 4 beta22 available

UltraMixer 4 beta22 is available for download! Downloads: UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Windows UltraMixer 4 beta22 for Mac Changes: New new: user guide for UltraMixer 4.0 in english and german (https://www.ultramixer.com/community.html) Changed changed: check for Quicktime and show dialog “QuickTime needed” before searching in YouTube changed: unify mic and input1: use same player and settings changed: low-latency inputs and mic Fixed fixed: YouTube downloader downloads wrong video if table is sorted by a specific column fixed: archive order not saved when sorting root group (FileArchive)

New: SampleDecks – 64-channel Sample Player

SampleDecks is an all-purpose sample player. With a few clicks you can allocate up to 64 channels with optional sounds in all current formats (e.g. MP3, AAC, WAV). You can play your samples either per mouse or per keyboard. You can configure SampleDecks, like you need it – you can allocate the Sample-Slots with a name, a picture or a color. SampleDecks can be used as a big fullscreen application or as a small inconspicuous tool. SampleDecks is the perfect Sample-Player for many occasions, like for example: to play jingles for DJs, the radio & tv, theater, amusement park organizer, soccer stadium as an musical instrument (drum-Samples are included) as […]

UltraMixer 2.3 released!

After extensive developement and testing we proudly present the new UltraMixer 2.3. We optimized the performance and stability of the user interface and the audio engine. So now you work with one of the most stable dj software for daily use you’ll find on the market. The new unique comprehensive support of the Denon DN-HC4500 midi controller enables you to work with UltraMixer without the help of the mouse. Try UltraMixer and Denon and you will get hooked… Happy Mixing! The UltraMixer Team Download

UltraMixer Blog opened

Dear UltraMixer Community, After many requests concerning news and tips & tricks round about UltraMixer we decided to create this new blog. In the UltraMixer blog we will write about new versions, introduce new features and disclose the secrets of UltraMixer 🙂 Happy Mixing, Tobi.

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