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MixDeck 1.5 released

MixDeck Scratch DJ is an iPhone application that simulates a real turntable! Just scratch the music on your iPod or iPhone like a real DJ! You play it back faster, slower or even backwards! Make cool remixes with three built-in DJ-effects and the accelerator controlled cutoff and resonance effects. New in version 1.5: + New scratching algorithm, feels even more real! + New real time DJ effects cutoff and resonance (controlable via accelerator, turn your iPhone or iPod to control the effect) + Songs can be loaded via external web links + Improved touch responsibility – Fixes some minor bugs Buy it on iTunes: MixDeck Scratch DJ in iTunes More […]

SampleDecks 1.5 released

SampleDecks 1.5 is available. Most important news are, MIDI controllers are supported in SampleDecks right now. With a very easy MIDI learn mode every sample slot can be learned separately with a key on your MIDI device. Homepage: www.sampledecks.com Download SampleDecks 1.5 for Windows Download SampleDecks 1.5 for Mac OS X

UltraMixer 2.5 – features & prices

the features The new UltraMixer 2.5 is comming soon! Additionally to two playlists UltraMixer 2.5 comes with a big wait list, that’s even switchable to the original 2-playlist-display. Furthermore UltraMixer 2.5 brings a wishlist, where you can collect music wishes. all highlights at one gance: screenwide wait list additional wish list flexible layou for wait list and wish list AGC (Automatic Gain Control): automatic adaption of the volume without precalculation in real time MixRecording: record to disc as MP3 or WAV file new display of the FileArchive sorted by artist, album, genre, … user adapted midi settings …and much more release date & prices A concrete release date is not […]

New: iTunes support

The upcoming version UltraMixer 2.3.6 supports import of iTunes music files and iTunes playlists as well. iTunes music can be imported to UltraMixer in two ways: 1. add single files from iTunes over the iTunes FileDialog By clicking on the button “+ File” and selecting “Add files from iTunes” an iTunes file dialog is opened, which displays the whole iTunes library with all playlists. Here it’s pretty easy to navigate and search in your iTunes music library. The designated files can be selected and directly added to your UltraMixer playlist. 2. add whohle iTunes playlists to the UltraMixer file archive Even the import of iTunes playlists to the UltraMixer file […]

New skin: 800×600 for Mini-Notebooks

A new skin for a resolution of 800×600 will be available as of version 2.3.6. With this skin UltraMixer is now available for mini notbooks like ASUS EEE Pc. A preview for this skin is now available for UltraMixer 2.3.5 but not yet fully functional. The full working skin is available from version 2.3.6 on. Download (right click): Skin 800×600 as preview version for UltraMixer 2.3.5 (jar file)

Neu: MediaType Converter converts music file with just one mouse click

“UltraMixer Digital Audio Solutions” releases “MediaType Converter”, a brand new tool for audio file converting. The “MediaType Converter” converts very fast and easy music files from one format into another. Save your iTunes files as MP3 files in seconds, so every standard MP3-Player is able to play them back. Music file are displayed as they are in Windows Explorer and can be easily converted to MP3 and WAV. Even CD’s can be saved as MP3 files. Download: http://www.mediatypeconverter.com