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How to work with cue points in UltraMixer 4

With cue points you can move very fast in a track. The marker help to find the correct poition auditive and visually in a particular track. Since there are so many songs it is quite hard to remeber the characteristics of each single track. Cue points can be used to find highlight fast or to find the correct beginning of a song. Through setting of the cue points right before the base drum, snare or high hat you can trigger those elements in live. Furthermore you’ve got the possibility to mark loops to remix special parts in a live performance. In UltraMixer you can mark the cue point by pressing […]

UltraMixer 4.1 beta7 for Linux undisclosed

Finally, yesterday we published a Ubuntu version of UltraMixer 4. It was a tough work to reach this goal. We had to rebuild the audio engine and mainly the mixing parts to suit linux awkward needs. Nevertheless, we are sure it’s now stable to be used in the current 4.1 branch. There were also performance issues we faced while porting to linux. This is caused by several missing hardware acceleration features. We could get this working by redeisgning the rendering pathes once again. This might bring a performance boost to Windows and Mac as well. As of today all features have been implemented besides Shoutcast broadcasting. Upstreaming is currently under […]

UltraMixer 4 Home the XMAS 2012 Special!

This holiday season, we deliver a brand new version UltraMixer 4 Home of our well known DJ software for just 49.95€ / 59.95$. Fell the power of UltraMixer at a very reasonable price. UltraMixer 4 Home includes following functions: FileArchive Waitlist Syncronization special effects (SpecialFX) virtual Mixer Loops and so much more Check it our now: https://www.ultramixer.com/

UltraMixer 3.2 – over 22 new features and 18 optimizations

We are pleased to announce the brand new UltraMixer 3.2 that comes with more than 22 new functions and over 18 improvements. Controller friends will love the true native support for Denon MC3000 and Vestax VCI-400! Download: https://www.ultramixer.com/download.html