Summertime is partytime! So get your UltraMixer ready for the weddings and open-air parties season.

Enjoy now our special upgrade and save big on 25+ new features. Until the end of June get 60% off on your upgrade. No matter if you use UtlraMixer 2, 3, 4 or 5, the price of the upgrade is the same for everyone. Seize the opportunity to exploit your talent at its best today.



 Visual EntertainmentCountdown feat _5

 UltraMixer Pro Entertain is the key to  Mobile DJ 2.0: Video mix, Live  Visuals  projected on a wall or on a  screen. You  will stand out of the  crowd and go  further than normal  Mix-DJs.             read more


DDJ-SX2_angle_low MIDI-Support

 Have more fun with a DJ-Controller!  Turn it on and do nothing else!  UltraMixer 5 Pro Entertain supports  more than 50 DJ-Controllers


Countdown feat _2

 Diashows and Live-Text

 Show Pictures from the wedding couple with the  Pictures Slideshow, choose a nice background,  display your DJ logo or the menu of the party.  Type short messages for the guests with the Live-  Text-Function (e.g „Buffet is on“) – Your audience will be amazed!



Countdown feat _5 Kopie 31-Band Equalizer

 A „must have“ for each mobile DJ: with the  31-Band-Equalizer you can set perfect sound  according from the place you are in. Your  audience will hear the difference.


maya44usbp_large Multi-Channel Sound cards supported

 Support of multichannel soundcards for a  perfect sound. Only UltraMixer Pro Entertain  supports multichannel soundcards for  clear sound and low latency mixing.