The 4 best websites to download music videos

As Mobile DJ you not only devote your body and soul to music, but to entertaining as well.  And is there any better way to enhance your live-performance than by music videos or visualization? 

UltraMixer offers the appropriate feature. Aside from several integrated visuals the software is able to play back videos in a lot of different formats, good quality and you can project them onto a wall.

But to avoid legal disputes you shouldn’t use free software like the Free YouTube Download and pay for music videos instead. Then you don’t have to deal with any Performing Rights Organization. 

UltraMixer recommends the following sites to download music videos:


XtendaMix is a music video download service which offers high-quality clips especially for Djs, clubs or bars. Quiet parts, conversations and other sound effects were remoted and the clips are perfectly mixable because of added in- and outros.

To download videos from this page you have to become a member. The membership fee amounts to 40$/52€ per month.

iTunes Store

It’s also possible to buy music videos in iTunes Store.

This requires the program iTunes which can be downloaded for free by every Apple and Windows system. You can search in database and pre-hear songs for free as well, but the titles and videos have to be paid.


This video library offers a huge amount of videos for download in high quality. You can also access to exclusive remixes by professionell Djs or use canned visuals if there’s no official video.

There are two kinds of membership. Pro-Membership costs 29$ per month, Elite-Membership 39$ per month.

VJ Street

Another online videopool.

There are various types of memberships range from 30 days (9,95 $) to 365 days (149,95 $). You get a certain number of credits with each membership. You can redeem them within the paid time period. (1 credit = 1 video)


You’re only allowed to show the music videos during your live performance but not to edit or resell them!