UltraMixer 2.3 released!

After extensive developement and testing we proudly present the new UltraMixer 2.3. We optimized the performance and stability of the user interface and the audio engine. So now you work with one of the most stable dj software for daily use you’ll find on the market. The new unique comprehensive support of the Denon DN-HC4500 midi controller enables you to work with UltraMixer without the help of the mouse. Try UltraMixer and Denon and you will get hooked…

Happy Mixing!
The UltraMixer Team


All new features and changes:
UltraMixer 2.3 [05/01/2008]
+ new: full support of the Denon DN-HC4500 midi controller (system requirements: 1GB RAM)
+ new: function to change drive letter on importing an exported filearchive
+ new: option for automatic (re)naming of music files from id3 tag
+ new: detail search ignores now upper/lower-case in genre tag
# changed: AutoDJ option: move crossfader to the center point when deactivating AutoDJ mode
# changed: optimized looping
# changed: after importing a filearchive UltraMixer doesn’t need to be restarted
# changed: level meter improved
# changed: performance improved
– fixed: m3u-playlist files are not visible in filechooser (only on *.*)
– fixed: volume of right player is incorrect when crossfader is centered
– fixed: after switching skin the new skin is croped on the right side
– fixed: bpm values are not removed from id3-tags on reset
– fixed: graphical issues in user interface (e.g. moving cue button, double items in filearchive/playlist)
– fixed: after chancing the upper/lowercase of files the fa synchronisation recognizes the file as new
– fixed: task bar overlaps UltraMixer when switching to a fullscreen skin
– fixed: comment field show “y” if corresponding id3 tag is empty
– fixed: track field shows 0 if corresponding id3 tag is empty
– fixed: search results are not cleared sometimes on quit
– fixed: renaming of tracks doesn’t work always
– fixed: after renaming the filename of a track it is not recognized anymore
– fixed: resetting EQ’s and effects even when option in preferences was active
– fixed: short stuttering in timestreching mode