UltraMixer 4.1 (2014-10-20)
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Higher accuracy when scratching.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Optimized support of multi core cpus.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Support of ALAC files (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) on Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.
  • neu: [Auto-DJ] Option to reset speed after fading in AutoDJ sync mode.
  • neu: [FileArchive] "Save as CSV" include all visible columns now.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Confirmation dialog when clearing list of played tracks.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Faster display of group tracks if group has no subgroups and "flat view" mode is enabled.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Import music from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Performance boost in FileArchive (especially in big archives with more than 300.000 tracks).
  • neu: [FileArchive] Show meta data (artist, title, ...) of MP4 files.
  • neu: [MIDI] Create, import and export custom midi maps.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Denon SC2000.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Edge.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro 2.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Quad.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck Express.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck Quad.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Pioneer XDJ-R1.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Digital Jockey.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Jockey 3 ME.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Reloop Terminal Mix 4.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support multiple MIDI controller at the same time.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of American Audio VMS2.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of Denon MC2000.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of Denon MC6000 MKII.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of Numark N4.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of Pioneer SSX-DJ.
  • neu: [Other] Option to start UltraMixer as demo version for registered users.
  • neu: [Preferences] Button to reset location of file archive in options.
  • neu: [Preferences] Check if user based location of file archive is writable.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] Adjustable pause in CONT mode (continuous play).
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] It's possible to scratch into and out of a loop.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] It's possible to set the current position before and after an active loop.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] Keep in scratching mode when untouching cogwheel.
  • neu: [User Interface] Keystrokes for "spread to waitlist".
  • neu: [User Interface] New shortcuts for loop functions.
  • neu: [User Interface] Show pause in AutoDJ mode over the play button.
  • neu: [Video] Buffered video playback for smooth video playback.
  • neu: [Video] Option to adjust fading duration on slide shows.
  • verändert: [AudioEngine] Optimized scratching quality & latency.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog when resetting hits.
  • verändert: [Other] Reduction of memory usage when loading tracks.
  • verändert: [User Interface] All dialogs can be closed now via ESC key.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Memory leak after loading m4a tracks.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Group in FileArchive aren't sorted anymore sometimes after restarting UltraMixer.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Next and previous buttons not invisible in ID3 tag multi edit mode.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Not possible to add new music in rarely cases.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Playlists are not saved sometimes on quitting UltraMixer.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Previous and next buttons should not be visible in multi edit mode in FileArchive.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Sync of itunes playlists fails if no iTunes is installed.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of big groups failes sometimes.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of complete FileArchive sometimes fails.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Wrong sort order of date column in filearchive import dialog.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Loading of play lists is not correct.
  • behoben: [Video] It's not possible to switch transition effects in slide show.
  • behoben: [Video] M4a files are recognised as video files.
  • behoben: [Video] Memory leak in slideshow.
  • behoben: [Video] Slide show function to show images with transition effects.
  • behoben: [Video] Slide show transitions can't be changed.
  • behoben: [Video] Visualisation of current track as band ("MTV mode").
  • behoben: [Video] Visualisations and background images are not shown when m4a files are loaded.
  • behoben: [Wishlist] Remote tracks from WishList by backspace key doesn't work.
  • behoben: [Wishlist] Select in wishlist table jumps if tracks are sorted.
  • behoben: [Wishlist] Tracks in wishlist are removed if you put them via DnD into the wishlist again.

UltraMixer 4.0.5 (RC4) (2014-02-07)
  • behoben: [Preferences] Language can't be changed in settings.
  • behoben: [Video] UltraMixer doesn't start if slideshow directory doesn't exists anymore.

UltraMixer 4.0.4 (2013-11-27)
  • neu: [FileArchive] Playlists are instantly saved and restored even after a system crash.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Update FIleArchive statistic without need to restart.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Show message if UltraMixer Client can't connect to a UltraMixer Server.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] UltraMixer doesn't start if file archive list is sorted by TPM column and UltraMixer is restarted.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Option "this UltraMixer acts as client" is not selected after restart.

UltraMixer 4.0.3
  • neu: [FileArchive] Column "counter" and group "played tracks" are supported now from "UltraMixer Home" too.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Detail search extended by field "version".
  • neu: [FileArchive] Intelligent groups are extended by new column "added" (time).
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column "added" (time).
  • neu: [FileArchive] New options for preview player: "load track on change" and "keep playing on change".
  • neu: [FileArchive] Possibility to edit ID3 tags in all tables by pressing ALT+I.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Show recently added tracks in FileArchive tree.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Sortable wishlist.
  • neu: [MIDI] Option to disable crossfader on Denon MC3000 and MC6000.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Multi column sort should be independently from lower/upper case.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Previewplayer continues playing when a new title is selected.
  • verändert: [Preferences] Cleaner actions names in keyboard settings.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Menu item "Show in Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" not visible in group "Played Tracks".

UltraMixer 4.0.2
  • neu: [FileArchive] Automatic scrolling in FileArchive tree when drag'n'drop groups.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Seperate view of file path and file name in FileArchive table.
  • neu: [Other] Automatic recognition of order number when activating UltraMixer.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Optimized amazon cover search.
  • verändert: [User Interface] "Add Tracks": use last used directory in file chooser.
  • behoben: [Other] It's now possible to start multiple instances of full version of UltraMixer at one system.
  • behoben: [Preferences] It's not possible to use multiple sound devices in UltraMixer Basic.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Shortcuts can not be changed in "UltraMixer Basic".
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] CDs can't be played in preview player.
  • behoben: [User Interface] YouTube Downloader doesn't work anymore.

UltraMixer 4.0.1
  • neu: [AudioEngine] New "all" channel in ASIO mode (output to all channels).
  • neu: [Other] Support for multi user licences.
  • neu: [Preferences] Function to export and import settings.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] "in-time" looping mode (origin position is restored after looping).
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] Option to switch from bpm to mpm in display.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Auto sync function can't be disabled.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Sometimes tracks can't be added to FileArchive.
  • behoben: [Other] Licence sometimes recognized as invalid.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Not possible to set the prefered ASIO device.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Preview of home skin changed.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.

UltraMixer 4.0
  • neu: [2 Playlists] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Automatic talkover (music decreases automatically when speaking into mic).
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Mic support (live playback for microphone channel of sound devices).
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Mix-Broadcasting to stream your mix into the world (e.g. for web radio), mixlr support.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] Support for Line-In channels (e.g. for playback of externer cd player).
  • neu: [Auto-DJ] New mode for asynchron fading in AutoDJ (option in settings).
  • neu: [FileArchive] Cover search on Amazon.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Function to choose next track in id3 tag edit dialog.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Function to copy music from archive and playlists to storage devices.
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column "composer".
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column "last played".
  • neu: [FileArchive] Search for composer in detail search dialog.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Search, download and play music directly from Youtube.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Show covers in FileArchive.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Specify search by columns (e.g. "Artist: Madonna Rating: 3-5).
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Hercules Instinct.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Hercules RMX2.
  • neu: [Preferences] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • neu: [User Interface] Mac: support for retina displays (MacBook Pro Retina / MacBook Air).
  • neu: [User Interface] Show playlists in fullscreen mode (hide archive and mixer).
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Check for Quicktime and show dialog "QuickTime needed" before searching in YouTube.
  • behoben: [Other] UltraMixer sometimes doesn't start.

UltraMixer 3.2.1
  • neu: [FileArchive] Sortable wishlist.
  • behoben: Not possible to set the prefered ASIO device.
  • behoben: Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.
  • behoben: Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.
  • behoben: Tracks in wishlist are removed if you put them via DnD into the wishlist again.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Menu item "Show in Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" not visible in group "Played Tracks".

UltraMixer 3.2.0
  • neu: [FileArchive] Dialog for easy importing of file archive backups.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Read and save replay gain value in id3 tags of OGG and FLAC files.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Seek buttons in preview player.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Denon MC-3000.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Vestax VCI-400.
  • neu: [Mixer] Fader start function to automatically start and stop player by volume slider.
  • neu: [Skinning] Netbook skin for UltraMixer 3 Basic.
  • neu: [Skinning] New color schemes "black lists" with completely black list backgrounds.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] Bpm tap for manual bpm detection.
  • neu: [Widgets] Drag'n'drop tracks from playlist/waitlist/fishlist to notes widget.
  • verändert: Higher output when recording or broadcasting.
  • verändert: [DB-Importer] Unlimited import of bpm studio archive.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Bpm values are stored in format xxx.xx in id3 tag now.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Duplicate search results are filtered now.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] New option to block duplicate tracks in group "played tracks".
  • verändert: [FileArchive] The hit count is increased now the a track was played - not only loaded like before.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] When adding playlists it's possible now to select multiple files and folders.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] When exporting a group as m3u playlist the new file is named like the group.
  • verändert: [SoundPlayer] Optimized brake and spin up effect (right mouse click on play button).
  • verändert: [User Interface] ID3 tag edit dialog is resizable now.
  • behoben: Preview player doesn't open in group "played tracks" when pressing space or enter.
  • behoben: Recording volume 50% instead of 100%.
  • behoben: Structered groups are not always shown correctly.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] ---.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Rarely, unforced crash when loading mp3 files.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] After adding a playlist to the file archive the playlist files are shown but another group is selected.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Filenames with special characters are corrupt after exporting a playlist on Mac.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Function "Analyse Track" stores 999 in replaygain id3 tag field - should not be.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Multiple preview player when switching between paylists and undocked file archive.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Structured group "artist" is not show correctly when artist name contains character '.
  • behoben: [Other] Inversive mark of fullscreen mode in settings menu.
  • behoben: [Other] Update check sometimes doesn't work.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Settings are not saved always when pressing on "Apply" and "Restart".
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Crash while loading a track if the file chooser was opened before.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Can't disable antialiasing in filearchive tree.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop tracks from filearchive into playlists/player doesn't work when cover view is visible.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop tracks from wishlist to waitlist doesn't work.
  • behoben: [User Interface] File dialogs are not shown sometimes on windows xp.

UltraMixer 3.1.1
  • behoben: [Other] UltraMixer doesn't start on Mac OS X 10.8 for security reasons (Gatekeeper).

UltraMixer 3.1
  • neu: [FileArchive] Export groups as csv file.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Multi keyword search (e.g. "Michael Billy").
  • neu: [FileArchive] Statistik dialog to show number of tracks, groups, ...
  • neu: [Preferences] Automatically restart UltraMixer.
  • neu: [Preferences] Copy & paste context menu on field "comments".
  • neu: [Sampler] Function to preview samples in sample player.
  • neu: [User Interface] Support for undo and redo on textfields.
  • verändert: [AudioEngine] Optimized sound.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Optimized recognition of itunes library.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Playlists can be added to filearchive root now.
  • verändert: [User Interface] Optimized file chooser.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Volume normalisation function hangs on 100%.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Itunes tracks import dialog doesn't open soemtimes.
  • behoben: [Preferences] "Browse for iTunes location" uses wrong file chooser.
  • behoben: [Sampler] Samples from saves sample banks which contains special characters could not be played.

UltraMixer 3.0.4
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Crash when adding or using big file archives because of a memory leak.

UltraMixer 3.0.3
  • neu: Support for m3u playlists which contains music from network drives.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] New function "Analyze tracks" combines old BPM, Waveform and Beat calculations.
  • neu: [DB-Importer] Possible to test the BPM Studio import in demo version with up to 100 tracks.
  • neu: [DB-Importer] Synchronize groups imported from BPM Studio after import.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Automatic database backups and user-friendly re-import after downgrade to a previous version.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Mix recordings are shown in file archive tree now.
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column "dance style" (is stored in id3 tag and filearchive).
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column for listing TPM (meter per minute).
  • neu: [FileArchive] New column for listing the meter.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Playlists which are added as m3u or from waitlist/wishlit/playlist keeps sort sequence.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Removing tracks is not possible with recursive view (folder icon) enabled.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Show track count for each structured group in the FileArchive tree.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark DJ2GO.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for DJ controller Synq DMC-2000.
  • neu: [MIDI] Synq DMC-2000: it's possible now to control the fading curve.
  • neu: [Preferences] New option "use multi column search".
  • neu: [Preferences] Option "save last x mixing sessions" allows now unlimited mixing sessions.
  • neu: [User Guide] New description of sync modes.
  • neu: [User Interface] Drag and drop from groups "played tracks" and "structured" into all playlists.
  • neu: [User Interface] Repeat function to repeat a single track (right click on waveform or loop).
  • neu: [User Interface] Repeat function to repeat a single track (right click on waveform or loop).
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Faster import of big hard disks into FileArchive.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Faster listing of groups in file archive.
  • verändert: [Frontend] Preview player stays open when exiting archive mode.
  • verändert: [MIDI] Jump to current cue point when pressing cue button.
  • verändert: [Other] Optimized mid range in 3 band EQ.
  • verändert: [Other] When pressing "next" button the currently loaded track is not removed anymore if it's not playing.
  • verändert: [Preferences] Separate options to load the first Cue Point and the first Beat while loading a track.
  • verändert: [Skinning] Pitch buttons are shown in correct order dependent on pitch slider style.
  • verändert: [User Interface] New button "yes all" in confirmation dialog when deleting tracks from hard disk.
  • behoben: Logfile backup is overwritten incorrect.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Player jumps to loop in point on pressing loop button (e.g. "4") if you has scratched before.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Short samples are not played completely.
  • behoben: [DB-Importer] Playlists with space characters in their name are not imported completely from BPM Studio.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] After adding itunes playlists with m4p tracks the structured group "year" can't be opened anymore.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Comment fields contain sometimes internal data from iTunes.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Detail search for years from-to with "and" selected does not return any results.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] First start FileArchive import may create sub-groups in the wrong group.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Genre fields read from MP3 files with ID3 v2.4 tag are displayed as a numbers.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] New recordings are not shown immediatly.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Ordering a table by track numbers like "09/20" does not work as expected.
  • behoben: [Other] Demo tracks are added to playlist on every start up.
  • behoben: [Other] High CPU load when playing tracks from an audio CD.
  • behoben: [Other] MusicChecker does not check video files and files with uppercase file extensions.
  • behoben: [Other] Resonance effect is enabled sometimes even if its on zero position.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Pitch does not always reset when a track is unloaded from the player.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Pitch down button gets stuck sometimes when using small steps of 0.01.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Seldom sound crackle after multiple cueplay.
  • behoben: [User Interface] The icon of the preview player is sometimes not correct.
  • behoben: [Waveform] Mini Waveforms may be drawn wrong when a track is unloaded very fast.

  • neu: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: move tracks in playlists with sampler button and knob.
  • neu: [MIDI] MC6000: seek in preview player.
  • verändert: [User Interface] Columns can be resized without limits in all tables.
  • behoben: [Skinning] Netbook skin is not activated automatically on very small screens.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Drag'n'drop is broken.

  • neu: [FileArchive] Field "Version" (Subtitle) can not be used as a table column in the FileArchive.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Read feld "Subtitle"/"Version" from ID3 tag from MP3 files.
  • neu: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use param1 knob to adjust sampler volume.
  • neu: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use param2 knob to adjust volume of preview player.
  • neu: [MIDI] Denon MC6000: use shift key to control all 16 samples.
  • neu: [MIDI] Denon, Hercules, Vestax u.a.: it's possible now to add tracks to playlist/waitlist by midi controller.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] New option "Jump to first cue point / beat on load".
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Setting or changig a Loop causes a refresh in the FileArchive that may be slow.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Wrong entry in mini waveform context menu to delete silence points.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Search field doesn't show input correctly (Mac only).
  • behoben: [Waveform] Pitch shown in the large waveform does not always reset when a player is unloaded.

  • neu: [MIDI] Optimized scrolling through lists with Hercules midi controller.
  • behoben: [MIDI] Scrolling in Tables with Denon MC6000 not possible.

UltraMixer 3.0.2
  • neu: [DB-Importer] Import CUE Points while Importing from the BPM Studio Archive.
  • neu: [DB-Importer] Import Playlists and Played Songs while importing the BPM Studio Archive.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Automatically create Backup Files for the FileArchive.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Synchronization of iTunes playlists.
  • neu: [MIDI] Automatic detection and selection of MIDI devices when starting UltraMixer.
  • neu: [MIDI] Option to switch between external and internal mixer mode when using American Audio VMS4.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for EKS Otus and EKS Otus RAW.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Vestax TR1.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support for Vestax Typhoon.
  • neu: [Preferences] Option to define the prefered ASIO device.
  • neu: [SoundPlayer] Context menu to save, load and delete CUEs and Loops in the Mini-Waveform.
  • neu: [User Interface] New function to load itunes playlists in UltraMixer playlist/wailist/wishlist.
  • neu: [Waveform] Possibility to pre-calculate the Waveform displays for single tracks or the whole FileArchive.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Duration of importing music to file archive reduced by factor 4.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Ignore upper/lower case while ordering the Groups in the FileArchive Tree.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Recursive view of groups (flat view incl. sub folders) accelerated.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] UltraMixer needs much less memory when adding hugh music archives, so terratype big archives are no longer a problem.
  • verändert: [SoundPlayer] Optimize AutoSync, always synchronize the player later started (independent from Crossfader).
  • verändert: [User Interface] Optimized resizing behaviour of table columns.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Crash when using very old PC's (AMD without SSE2).
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Effects does not always affect the monitor channel.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] "Delete FileArchive" sometimes does not delete everything when not in 2-Playlists view.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] CSV Export of Played Tracks, Playlists and FileArchive more flexible and reliable.
  • behoben: [MIDI] EKS XP-10 is not recognized automatically in Mac OS X.
  • behoben: [Other] After openng uky files the second textfield does not contain the path to the key file.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Allow Drag and Drop from FileArchive to Player when Auto-DJ is active.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Drag and Drop from extern will not load the track into the player.
  • behoben: [Waveform] Beatlock/auto sync produces unwandet results with loops smaller than one.
  • behoben: [Waveform] Live waveform sometimes (seldom) displays a few seconds from the previous title.
  • behoben: [Waveform] Mouse scratching in pause mode might start the player.

UltraMixer 3.0.1
  • neu: [2 Playlists] Adjustable double click behaviour in playlists like in filearchive.
  • neu: [AudioEngine] High Stability Audio Engine in DirectX mode (audio playback without drop out even on heavy loaded system).
  • neu: [FileArchive] Drag and drop from playlists/waitlist/wishlist in the filearchive.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Drag and drop of m3u playlists in UltraMixer.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Function to export playlists as CSV file for import and print from Microsoft Excel / Open Office / Apple Numbers.
  • neu: [FileArchive] Hierarchical table sort according to Artist, Title and Album.
  • neu: [MIDI] Accessing loops with Hercules DJ Console MK4 und Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2.
  • neu: [MIDI] Hercules MP3 e2 LED support.
  • neu: [MIDI] Support of Hercules DJ Console 4-MX.
  • neu: [MIDI] Supporting LEDs of M-Audio xponent.
  • neu: [Other] Function for loading and saving of text files in notes widget.
  • neu: [Preferences] Option to disable the automatic beatmatching of loops.
  • neu: [Preferences] Option to enable automatic Beatmatching of Cue Points (only for MIDI controllers).
  • neu: [Preferences] Support of additional languages.
  • neu: [Sampler] Drag'n'Drop auf Sampler-SlotButtons.
  • neu: [Sampler] Function to change speed of samples in sample player.
  • neu: [User Interface] Function to detach the FileArchive as separate window.
  • neu: [User Interface] Optimized function to show tracks in Explorer/Finder.
  • neu: [User Interface] Save table property "horizontal scroll".
  • neu: [User Interface] Volumefader in Previewplayer integrated.
  • neu: [Waveform] Hot Cue position should be visualized in the Waveforms in addition to the saved Cue points.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Empty rating (right click) shouldn't be stored as 0 in the ID3 tag.
  • verändert: [FileArchive] Speed up function "Delete from hard disc".
  • verändert: [MIDI] Full support for controling loops and cue points with Hercules controllers.
  • verändert: [MIDI] Optimized behaviour of jogwheels of American DJ VMS4 when pitching.
  • verändert: [User Interface] Table footers should display total count and length only (not depending on Auto-DJ).
  • verändert: [User Interface] Track count missing in the table footers with only one file loaded.
  • behoben: [2 Playlists] Export playlist/waitlist to M3U file fails when artist/title contains dollar sign.
  • behoben: [2 Playlists] Footer of archive tree in 2-playlist-mode is not accessible.
  • behoben: [2 Playlists] Tracks are removed even if option is disabled.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Master volume is changed in some situations when starting preview player.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] UltraMixer crashs when loading special M4A files.
  • behoben: [AudioEngine] Volume of players increases sometimes when starting preview player.
  • behoben: [Auto-DJ] AutoSync/Beatlock is sometimes continued, despite the Button was inactivated.
  • behoben: [Auto-DJ] Played tracks shouldn't be removed by Auto-DJ if removing is disabled in preferences.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Adding folders with symbolic links (LNK, sometimes created by accident) fails.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Export of "played tracks" as M3U/ CSV not possible.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] FileArchive's "comments" column in exported CSV file is labeled wrong as "hits" column.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Filter doesn't work in filearchive table after startup.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Gray text does not disappear when switching between search/filter/highlighter.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Itunes synchronisation of groups in filearchive fails.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Played tracks group in filearchive tree can not be colored.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] ReplayGain calculation for whole FileArchive removes ID3 tags (seldom).
  • behoben: [FileArchive] Searching for "+" in "filter" / "highlighter" mode not possible.
  • behoben: [FileArchive] The filearchive groups "unsorted", "filearchive" and "search results" does not change when changing the locale.
  • behoben: [MIDI] American Audio Radius 1000/2000 can not be used.
  • behoben: [MIDI] Behringer BCD 3000 doesn't work well.
  • behoben: [MIDI] Hercules DJ Console MK4 is not recognized automatically on Mac OS X.
  • behoben: [MIDI] The LED lights of the Hercules DJ Console RMX are not working.
  • behoben: [MIDI] The jogwheels of Numark TotalControl function in the wrong direction.
  • behoben: [Other] In specific cases saved cue points become visible after restart only.
  • behoben: [Other] Mp3 format is missing in mix-recording settings.
  • behoben: [Other] Show File Location doesn't work on Mac OS X.
  • behoben: [Preferences] "Talkover" shortcut isn't customizable.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Changing soundcard channel of preview player becomes active after restart only.
  • behoben: [Preferences] Keyboard shortcuts not working after PreviewPlayer was used.
  • behoben: [Preferences] When changing the FileArchive location the folder was not created automatically.
  • behoben: [Sampler] When restarting out-fading sample slot volume is wrong sometimes.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] 0.0 BPM may be displayed for a short time when pressing Play while calculation is running.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] It was not possible to set an own pitch range.
  • behoben: [SoundPlayer] Player could be confused when using Loop and Framesearch the same time.
  • behoben: [User Interface] "Start Player on double click" doesn't work in 2-playlists-mode.
  • behoben: [User Interface] "duration" column is not refresh in playlists when changing option "Show Play Start Time instead of Play Duration"".
  • behoben: [User Interface] Bottom widgets dispappear when switching between playlist and waitlist mode.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Bottom widgets moves down and disappear.
  • behoben: [User Interface] English translation of widget "Notizzettel" (Notes) is missing.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Layout errors (seldom) after hiding the right part (e.g. Waitlist).
  • behoben: [User Interface] Preview Player is opening and closing when double clicking on PP column.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Shorcuts sometimes not usable.
  • behoben: [User Interface] The first two tracks are not loaded automatically when adding new tracks by "+"-button.
  • behoben: [User Interface] Window layout changes when switching between FileArchive and Mixer.
  • behoben: [Waitlist] Double clicking empty Waitlist/Wishlist caused an error.
  • behoben: [Waitlist] Starting with a missing USB device causes a lot of "missing file" messages.
  • behoben: [Widgets] Widget settings open in background.

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