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Where can I get the user guide?
You can download the user guide in the community section. Note: you'll need your order number to do that.

Regarding my antivirus software UltraMixer contains a Trojan. What should I do?
If you downloaded UltraMixer from a website other than ours, please stop the installation process and delete the program. By downloading the original UltraMixer from our page we make sure you receive a virus-free version. Nevertheless, some antivirus programs incorrectly detect the UltraMixer as containing a Trojan (Crypt/Trojan). You should be able to fixup the false virus warning by updating your program's virus data base. If the problem still persists, please notify the manufacturer of your anti virus software.

What happens after the demo version has expired? Do I enter into any commitment?
You can test "UltraMixer Pro" as demo edition for 60 minutes as often you want. That means after expiration just restart UltraMixer and try it for 60 minutes again! So you can assure yourself of UltraMixer calmly. As private person you can convert the Demo edition to the Free Edition! Just activate it on startup and have fun without the 60 minutes restrictions. As private person you don't enter into any commitment.

I purchased an UltraMixer license. How can I activate UltraMixer?
Your personal license key is attached to the confirmation email which is sent to you after completing the order procedure.

In order to activate UltraMixer please follow these steps:

  1. Store the licence key from the email attachment on your harddisk. Don't try to open this file, it won't work!
  2. Start UltraMixer.
  3. Go to the menu button and choose "Activate UltraMixer...". Alternatively, there is an "Activate" button in the middle of the UltraMixer screen.
  4. In the first text field, enter your order number. The number can be found in the confirmation email as well.
  5. In the second text field, choose your licence key stored on your harddisk by using the file chooser (button "Choose...").
  6. Now you are able to activate UltraMixer by pressing the "Activate..." button. Restart UltraMixer.

Is it possible to use UltraMixer 2 on my Mac OS X 10.3 (or earlier)?
Unfortunately no. UltraMixer requires Java 1.5 (or higher). Currently, Apple supports Java 1.5 exclusively for Mac OS X 10.4 (and higher), users of former editions keep excluded. For this reason UltraMixer 2 can't be used on Mac OS X 10.3 (or earlier).

How to ensure normalized playback of all songs?
UltraMixer supports a feature named ReplayGain. In the FileArchive you just perform the ReplayGain calculation over all your songs. After that each song will have a pre-calculated Gain value so that the audible volume for each song is the same.

Is it possible to push and break the player like a vinyl on a turntable?
Yes! Just do a right click on the PLAY button.

I can't start UltraMixer, this message appears: 'UltraMixer could not be started since another instance is already running or was not terminated correctly.'
Only one single instance of UltraMixer can be started at the same time. Probably UltraMixer hasn't finished without errors. Start the TaskManager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and kill the "javaw.exe" process.

Linux: UltraMixer requires write permission for this directory: '/data'.

How does one use the knobs (EQ, Pan, Gain, Mon)?
Use it like sliders! Drag the mouse in vertical direction (north/south). Hold down the shift key to stop fine tuning.

How can I save and load cue points for a song?
First, you have to set a cue point (SEARCH/PAUSE+CUE). Afterwards, you will be able to save this cue point by clicking on the cue button with the right mouse button. To load a cue point use the right mouse button on CUE as well.

How can I set a cue point?
First, a certain position in a track has to be addressed. The SEARCH button enables you to find this position. Afterwards, the chosen position may be defined as cue point by clicking on the CUE button. When clicking on the PLAY button, the playback will start at the cue point. It's another solution to click on the PAUSE-Button, followed by the CUE-Button. Most DJs use a cue point on the first bass drum in a time. You can use as many cue points as you want. A double click on the CUE button deletes all cue points, the playback is reset to the beginning of a title.

Is it possible to kill the equalizer with shortcuts?
Yes, You can do that: CTRL/SHIFT + NUM-1(low)/2(mid)/3(high).

How can I reset sliders like the pitch slider?
You can reset all sliders in UltraMixer via the right mouse button.


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„Great Support! Your instructions worked a treat. If I ever want to become a DJ, I would go no further than Ultramixer, Great product. Thank you very much.“ (Bob C.)

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